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KPN Corporate Market

KPN Corporate Market and Acquia deliver state-of-the-art cloud aggregation platform “Grip”

Acquia Network and Professional Services help KPN assure site performance and security

With the emergence of various cloud services, KPN identified the opportunity to add customer value, by acting as a cloud aggregator between the cloud service and the enterprise customers. This new service, known as Grip, makes the cloud organized and manageable for customers.

The Grip platform combines all cloud services and ensures provisioning, single sign on, business app store and provides corporate customers with a central starting point for all cloud services, as well as a single bill and support desk.

“Acquia’s expertise and commitment provided KPN with absolute confidence in optimal quality”
– Michiel van Dijk, Principal Technical Consultant Grip, KPN

How they did it

KPN uses the Drupal content management system to provide Grip with a user-friendly front end. As the front end, from a user perspective, is the central point within the service, it is crucial that there is high-quality, 24x7 support. KPN required a partner who could provide this enterprise service level agreement for websites built on Drupal and selected Acquia, a specialist in enterprise support and services for organizations using Drupal.

The Acquia Network combines a comprehensive suite of knowledge base, training services, tools, and technical support to enable KPN to monitor and analyze the performance of the platform.

When the first version of the Grip front end was completed, KPN also called on Acquia’s Professional Services team to conduct a security and performance audit on the Drupal code. Principal Technical Consultant for Grip, Michiel van Dijk from KPN commented: “Right from the start this cooperation was successful. Both professionally, as well as in the way
in which they work. Acquia’s consultants are true experts with extensive knowledge and experience, and also very pleasant to work with.”

The Grip platform assures control, user-friendliness, and insight which results in the effective use of the Cloud services.

The results

The audits yielded detailed reports that allowed KPN and the platform developer to take direct action in improving the performance and security of the site. “Through the audits and the rapid implementation of the improvements recommended by Acquia, we have now realized a state-of- the-art platform. Not only in terms of user-friendliness, but also with regards to security, performance, and scalability,” says Michiel van Dijk. The added value that Acquia offered at the initial audits appealed to KPN and so Acquia continues to monitor and test the quality and security of the Grip portal.

Jeroen Jacobs, manager competence center Grip at KPN Corporate Market: “As a monitoring tool, Acquia Network’s Insight gives perfect visibility and control over the most important aspects of the portal. The Acquia Network has also proven its value for us. Acquia partner tools included in Acquia Network, such as BlazeMeter, New Relic and Yottaa, offer additional insight into the performance and the load testing, augmenting the Acquia-Drupal tools. However, the key benefit of working with Acquia is the unprecedented level of knowledge of the support team and the consultants’ proactive approach. They reinforced our team at a high-level, worked effectively with us and significantly improved our effectiveness, which makes us able to focus on our customers and innovation. Thanks to this level of Drupal expertise, we are completely confident that the quality of the Cloud Broker Service aggregation platform Grip and the control of and the insight into the code and processes, remain optimal.”

They reinforced our team at a high-level, worked effectively with us and significantly improved our effectiveness, which makes us able to focus on our customers and innovation.
Jeroen Jacobs
KPN Corporate Market

Company Information

KPN Corporate Market
KPN Corporate Market provides a broad spectrum of IT services for enterprise customers
Drupal user since 2011
Acquia client since early 2012
  • First multi-tenant enterprise cloud aggregation platform in the Netherlands
  • Architecture designed for 200.000+ active users
  • Joint innovation project between KPN Corporate Market and Mindtree Ltd
  • Integration with Jamcracker, McAfee Nordic Edge, LDAP and Service Now
  • Two data centers, quadruple master MySQL with Galera technology
  • SAML (SSO) including just in time user provisioning