Frederik Demets

Solutions Architect
Acquia, Inc.

Derniers billets

Posted on vendredi, le 4 avril 2014, 07h54 EDT
Being part of Acquia’s Solutions Architecture team gives me unique insight into the changing landscape of Digital Marketing and the Internet in general. People are scrambling to get shiny new tools in place to be able to cope with the speed at which Plus...
Posted on lundi, le 13 mai 2013, 05h54 EDT
Let's look at the hot topic of personalization. I get enquiries about this, almost on a daily basis. And I fully agree that it can be a powerful tool to engage customers and increase your conversion rate. But before you go into the perilous journey Plus...
Posted on vendredi, le 19 avril 2013, 08h35 EDT
Part of being a member of the Acquia Solutions Architecture team is coming up with creative solutions on a daily basis. When discussing a certain use case, usually our team comes up with at least 4 different ways of solving a particular problem in Plus...