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Change My World Now

Change My World Now promotes young social entrepreneurs with Acquia and R2integrated

Site uses Drupal and Acquia Cloud to encourage sustainable change by children

Gina Otto, author and founder of Gina’s Ink, a mission-driven media and entertainment social enterprise that empowers children with self-esteem and self-acceptance, believes that children can find the independence they need to change the world. She sought an online home for her budding movement to grow, to help children become social-journalists, social-entrepreneurs and social activists, and provide a place for parents and teachers to share, learn, and connect.

Turning to national digital marketing and technology firm R2integrated (r2i), Otto set out to create such a space, to be launched along with her multi-city bus tour promoting the ideas of her book and youth-focused movement. R2i worked closely with Otto to establish a brand for the site and tour, then build a site that would be easy to navigate, secure and, above all, would empower children while facilitating their shared ideas regarding social change. Given the desire for a highly interactive site with complex yet easy-to-use navigation as well as the need for self-sustaining, cost-effective technology, r2i immediately turned to Drupal – and Acquia – for site development, hosting and support.

Together, r2i and Acquia built Change My World Now, a robust, user-friendly site that draws in members and facilitates a high level of social networking and engagement. With Drupal’s flexibility and Acquia’s expertise and support, the site delivers on Otto’s mission to help empower youth to create sustainable change in the world.

"Change My World Now needed a strong hosting platform as well as the ability to scale as their bandwidth needs increased. R2i wanted a hands- off approach to hosting as well as Drupal and site- healthy monitoring – and Acquia delivered these services.”
–Chris Chodnicki, r2i co-founder and CTO

How they did it

Working in partnership with Otto, r2i established a strong brand identity – Change My World Now (CMWN) – and secured a URL for the initiative. The r2i team then identified the requirements for the new site: a clear articulation of the CMWN mission and the range of engaging experiences offered; easy navigation that increases engagement and the user experience; powerful, cost-effective and easy-to-use technology that avoids the need for near-term updates; and the ability to utilize analytics to track visitor behavior. The site also had to adhere to Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act compliance regulations.

In response to these requirements, r2i mapped out and built the site using Drupal and Drupal Commons for the Community, the ready-to-use solution for community development that organizes an online community’s activity into groups, facilitating user interaction. R2i also, at the project’s beginning, engaged with Acquia for Drupal support and site hosting; the firm recognized that by providing an environment optimized for Drupal, Acquia would virtually eliminate the time usually required to configure a hosting environment.

The site was built to take advantage of the power of Drupal modules to achieve CMWN’s objectives for a robust, interactive site, including:

  • Content Profile, used to differentiate user personas and the corresponding data that was collected;
  • Webform, used to provide various means for users to communicate with CMWN staff;
  • Content Construction Kit, used to create different content types – everything from the user profiles to the project submissions; and
  • Organic Groups, used to allow users to participate in communities of interest.

When development finished, the site was ready to migrate to Acquia Cloud, where it was tested. For r2i, the migration was one less cause for concern amid a relatively tight delivery timeframe. “Acquia provides the ‘insurance policy’ for both our clients and r2i,” said Chodnicki.

The results

The project created a dynamic, engaging site where social media meets social entrepreneurism – furthering the mission of CMWN by harnessing and promoting the potential of young people. The site was designed, built, migrated to Acquia’s hosting environment and launched through a seamless, collaborative process. The r2i and Acquia teams worked together with Otto to meet the project goals in just six months – in time for the launch of Otto’s nationwide, 20-city bus tour.

On the CMWN site, children can create profiles, connect with peers, voice concerns about issues they face, upload a video expressing their “global wish for the world” and share ideas about projects they can undertake – such as writing to a member of Congress, starting a recycling program, getting involved in community activities or planting a tree. The Drupal-powered modules allow children to interact easily and securely, with partner content keeping members engaged and active by providing ways to communicate, socialize and showcase interests.

Children today are worried about a myriad of issues,” said Otto. “I created Change My World Now to give them a safe place where they can experience a community of kids who want to change the world for the better.

Company Information

Change My World Now
Web initiative engaging youth to encourage and create social change
9,500 employees
Drupal user since 2011
Acquia client since 2011
  • More than 15 partners secured for content & engagement
  • Site designed, built & launched in 6 months


  • Acquia Cloud
  • Drupal Commons
  • Acquia Network and Support
  • Drupal Design and Development from R2integrated Digital Marketing & Technology