Accueil / Using Drupal to deliver beautiful e-commerce sites [March 6, 2012]

Using Drupal to deliver beautiful e-commerce sites [March 6, 2012]

Drupal E-commerce Sites

Design and user experience can make or break an e-commerce site–to turn site visitors into shoppers and repeat customers, they need to feel at home on your site.

When leading the design effort for The Making Spot, a community craft e-commerce portal, Graeme Blackwood, Creative Lead at Deeson Group, came up against a number of Drupal-specific and more general design and UX problems that needed working through. This webinar presents several of those issues and how they were solved as well as areas where Drupal gave the team real advantages during the design and implementation process. Topics that will be covered include:

  • User testing and rapid prototyping
  • Customizing Drupal's default output–tabs, forms, messages, etc.
  • How to pick a tone and words to make your site appealing
  • Solving technical design-issues like importing and resizing 40,000 product images, designing for Apache Solr Drupal integration, and making user wish lists and personal profiles
  • Giving good feedback though design
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mercredi, le 7 mars 2012h