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Mobile spotlight: Showcase Cinemas

National Amusements operates over 950 movie screens in the United States, Great Britain and Latin America under brands Showcase, Cinema de Lux, and Multiplex. It is a perfect example of an enterprise that needs to provide content to consumers using a wide variety of devices.

Moviegoers planning an outing at home want a full desktop-based experience that provides as much information as possible on a page. These visitors are probably accessing the site over high speed internet. So Showcase wants to expose as much information about its movie, dining, programs and events as possible.

In contrast, spur-of-the-moment moviegoers are more interested in movie listings and times. These visitors are most likely visiting on a mobile device (touch-sensitive in the markets Showcase serves), over a more limited bandwidth mobile phone network. So Showcase needs to focus on just those items, and provide it as fast as possible.

For those who visit the same local theatre regularly, a native mobile app would be the most efficient way to get movie information. These visitors want similar information as mobile web visitors, but get the added advantage of stored authentication to simply ticket purchasing, and other offerings. Yet Showcase doesn't want to create a separate back-end system to support these users.

For Showcase, Acquia partner Digital Bungalow developed a responsively-designed Drupal site that provides a single solution for all these visitor types. Try it yourself: Visit with your browser set to the full width of your screen. Then progressively narrow your browser slowly, and watch how the page layout dynamically responds to the decreasing width of the browser by both moving, and removing content. This is the essence of responsive design, using the size of the viewport (browser window) as a cue to control what is displayed. Drupal provides excellent controls in it's theming layer that enables fully-responsive designs like this.

Even more, if you have touch screen phone, try downloading the mobile app offered by Showcase (see the icon on the Showcase home page linked above). Digital Bungalow used Drupal's services extension (module) to let Drupal provide the same information to the smart phone app as is available over the website. Showcase simply keeps a single system - Drupal - up-to-date with content, and all content flows smoothly to all types of information sources.

There may not be a better example of combining Drupal, responsive design, and mobile applications around!

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Mobile spotlight: Showcase Cinemas

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