Drupal Give: Recent Activity

Moshe Weitzman
Drush 6.0.0 released.

Released a new major version of Drush, the command line shell for Drupal. THe Drush project also moved to Github. Hurray!

Travis Carden
Improved Security Review module.

New features and tests for Security Review module

Peter Wolanin
Released Apache Solr Search Integration 7.x-1.3.

The Apache Solr Search Integration 7.x-1.3 release fixes a number of minor bugs, including some introduced by switching in release 7.x-1.2 to use the "common" configuration files that can also be used by Search API. Also has improved performance and logging.

Peter Wolanin
Fixed test batch bug in Drupal 8.

A regression in Drupal 8 meant no error was displayed if Drupal hit a fatal error during a test run. This was very frustrating for testing other Drupal 8 patches, since test runs would just seem to hang and run forever even though it had had a fatal error. I create a fix that restores the error message, which has been committed.

Security Team forensic efforts.

With Ben's help, I spent few hours reviewing access logs of *.d.o and identified locations where privileged access originated as well as who sent the requests.

Peter Wolanin
Released Apache Solr Search Integration 6.x-1.8 and 7.x-1.2.

Created fixes, committed many patches and made Apaches Solr Search Integration 6.x-1.8 and 7.x-1.2 releases. Alos back-ported many patches to the 6.x-3.x branch.

Moshe Weitzman
Open Sourced Drupal Create mobile app.

Helped to open source the codebase for the Drupal Gardens mobile app. Decided its license, and made a process for copyright assignment to Acquia.

Peter Wolanin
Presented at the NYC Drupal Meetup.

Updated the pre-configured quick-start Solr download on drupal.org and presented to the NYC Drupal meetup on a "Developer’s Intro to Apache Solr". The slides are available.

Moshe Weitzman
Speed up Drush's example bashrc.

I removed some slow and limited value code from some example code that Drush ships with. Many folks include this code in their shell and we were slowing down their environment a little (mine included). Its gone now. See http://drupalcode.org/project/drush.git/commit/0037f8f