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Tips to Create an Effective Mobile Website [March 14, 2014]

Submitted on
vendredi, le 14 mars 2014h
IT Business Edge

By Jess Iandiorio

We live in a BYOD world. It's just a fact that mobile devices are now part of our everyday lives. We use them to stay in touch, to entertain us, and increasingly, to find information we need quickly. While mobile presents organizations with a significant opportunity to engage people wherever they are, many organizations have not yet found the right formula to create and deliver a quality mobile experience. Here are five tips, identified by Jess Iandiorio, vice president of product marketing at Acquia, to help organizations get started in creating great mobile digital experiences.

Jay Batson’s TechScene Maps Boston’s Growing Tech Community [March 6, 2014]

Submitted on
jeudi, le 6 mars 2014h

This morning, Jay Batson, the co-founder and former chief executive at Acquia and an active startup mentor, launched a volunteer project he’s been working on for awhile, Boston TechScene.

TechScene is an interactive map that gives detailed information on almost every tech company in the Boston area. Batson first came up with the idea to have a detailed map of Boston’s tech ecosystem while realizing that, as he said in an interview, “The sense that there is a lot going on, but it is hard to get a grasp of it.”

In a blog he wrote last year on his site, Startup DJ, Batson noticed that there seems to be a growing shift of tech companies from the suburbs to downtown Boston. In the blog, he proposed an official branding of the corridor surrounding the Red Line, as The Boston Tech Line. He believes the movement of startups close to MBTA stations between Central Square and Broadway (I’d say even further out, like Alewife to Broadway), needs more attention and needs to be owned by the tech community.

How Your Digital Marketing Team Can Generate Revenue [March 4, 2014]

Submitted on
mardi, le 4 mars 2014h
IT Business Edge

By Tom Wentworth

An organization's marketing team has traditionally been charged with owning a brand's image, a big part of which requires attracting and engaging both new and existing customers. But the era of digital disruption has forever changed the way organizations do business. This has, as a result, introduced the role of the digital marketer and brought to light new ways to reach and engage customers. Here are five ways, identified by Tom Wentworth, CMO, Acquia, that technology, paired with marketing know-how, can help organizations more effectively reach their target audiences, create brand loyalists and ultimately generate revenue.

Acquia Might IPO in 2014, Plans for E-commerce Play [March 3, 2014]

Submitted on
lundi, le 3 mars 2014h

By Gilles Bernard

Burlington, Mass.-based Acquia might hold its initial public offering as early as this year.

"We don't have a specific time frame other than to say we're certainly big enough to do it now," the firm's CEO Tom Erickson told the Boston Business Journal in a recent interview.

The company, which offers cloud hosting and tools for development software Drupal, released its 2013 growth numbers last week. In the last year, the company cited revenue growths of 50 percent, hitting its record revenue of $68 million. The company reaped around $45 million in revenue in 2012 – more than double that of 2011. Acquia's revenue has grown for 19 consecutive quarters.

Read more.

Acquia renforce son équipe française [21 février 2014]

Submitted on
lundi, le 24 février 2014h

Spécialisé dans les solutions et services pour Drupal, Acquia recrute Jérôme Relinger au poste d’engagement director et Guillaume Brandenburg à celui de directeur commercial

Acquia renforce son équipe en France avec l’arrivée d’un nouveau directeur commercial et d’un nouveau chargé de customer engagement France et Europe du Sud. Nommé à ce dernier poste, Jérôme Relinger accompagne désormais les clients dans le déploiement de leurs projets Drupal. Spécialisé en Open Source, Jérome Relinger est également adjoint au maire du 13e arrondissement de Paris, en charge des savoirs numériques et de l’Internet citoyen.

Le second poste est confié à Guillaume Brandenburg. Le nouveau directeur commercial d’Acquia France était auparavant sales manager de HP Autonomy.

« Nous sommes ravis d’agrandir notre équipe en accueillant Jérôme et Guillaume » affirme Martyn Eley, VP EMEA et APAC chez Acquia. « Nous souhaitons aller encore plus loin cette année dans notre développement et l’accompagnement stratégique de nos clients, et donc continuer à bien anticiper, déployer et analyser leurs besoins. Le parfait équilibre entre les compétences techniques, commerciales et de gestion de projets des équipes va nous permettre de pouvoir répondre aux besoins grandissants et aux projets actuels, notamment chez les grands comptes, pour les projets open source. »

Les nominations IT du 24 février 2014 [24 février 2014]

Submitted on
mardi, le 25 février 2014h

Toutes les nominations du secteur du logiciel et des sociétés de services informatiques. Du mouvement cette semaine chez Syntec Numérique, Acquia, ITS Integra et Eptica.

Syntec Numérique se dote de deux nouveaux vice-présidents : Emmanuel Obadia et Eric Varszegi. Le premier, vice-président Marketing EMEA de, est nommé vice-président du Collège Editeurs en charge des solutions Internet. Le second, président du groupe IP-Label, est nommé vice-président du Collège Editeurs en charge du développement des éditeurs français.

Acquia. Jérôme Relinger rejoint le spécialiste de la technologie Drupal comme Engagement Director. Evangéliste open source depuis vingt ans, et spécialiste Drupal depuis 2007, il a travaillé chez Cap Gemini en tant qu'avant-vente et Business Developer open source. Il a également fondé NetAktiv, société dédiée aux projets web libres et open source dans le secteur public et les médias. Jérôme Relinger est aussi à l'origine de nombreux projets Drupal au sein du secteurs public et du e-commerce (gouvernement wallon, voyages-sncf, Alcatel-Lucent, Carrefour, etc.). Enfin, son expérience en tant que maire-adjoint au sein du XIIIe arrondissement de Paris pendant 13 ans, a renforcé sa connaissance des besoins des institutions publiques. Acquia accueille également Guillaume Brandenburg, comme directeur commercial d'Acquia France. Il dispose de quinze années d'expérience dans la vente et le management au sein de sociétés technologiques comme HP, où il occupa successivement le poste de Senior Software Sales Executive pour la France et la Suisse de 2005 à 2012, puis de Sales Manager de HP Autonomy jusqu'en 2013. Diplômé d'un master en Computer Science et Internet Technologies de l'Ecole Française d'Electronique et d'Informatique, Guillaume Brandenburg a démarré sa carrière aux Etats-Unis.

Eptica - Laurence Chami est promu directeur général du spécialiste des outils de gestion des interactions clients. Elle a rejoint Eptica en mai 2010 en qualité de directeur des opérations France et Europe du Sud, avant de devenir, en juillet 2012, VP Client Success. Diplômée en langues étrangères appliquées, Laurence Chami a travaillé pendant une vingtaine d'années pour des sociétés de services marketing. En 1988, elle rejoint Harte-Hanks comme responsable de la production, avant de devenir directeur commercial Europe. En 2002, elle a intégré la société Consodata devenue Acxiom au poste de directeur commercial France, avant de devenir Solutions & Product Development Leader puis European Sales Support Leader.

ITS Integra. Christophe David est nommé directeur de la production de la société de services en infogérance. Précédemment en charge du centre de services infogérance du groupe Overlap, Christophe David a occupé, depuis plus de quinze ans, différents postes de management dans le monde de la production. Il est diplômé de l'Essec. Quant à Bernard Blais, il est nommé directeur avant-vente. Il a occupé de nombreuses fonctions de management dans des groupes comme Siemens, France Telecom, Virtual computer et Overlap où il était directeur des opérations Infogérance. Il est diplômé de Supélec et d'un Executive MBA de HEC Paris.

These Women Are Building The Software That Quietly Runs The World [Feb. 9, 2014]

Submitted on
Dimanche, le 9 février 2014h
Business Insider

It's no secret that there are far fewer women technologists working in the industry than men.
When it comes to computer-related jobs, men outnumber women at a rate of about 4 to 1.

And when it comes to the open-source software industry, women are even harder to find. A recent study found that 1 out 10 open-source programmers are women (about 10%), and that's up from 2007, when only 2 out of every 100 were women (about 2%).

The lack of women gives the tech industry, and particularly the open-source portion of it, a distinctly sexist feel.

Despite these sad statistics, it is absolutely possible for a woman in the field to go far and have a fabulous career. So we asked the Linux Foundation, the granddaddy of all open-source projects, to give us a list of stand-out women doing fabulous work.

Linux is an operating system software (a competitor to Microsoft Windows) that is quietly running the world. It is the foundation of the Android operating system. It's the software behind a lot of consumer tech, from televisions to washing machines. It is used in nearly every corporate data center and on most supercomputers. It powers everything from banks to nuclear submarines.

So, here's our list of women with awesome careers working on Linux, the tech that's quietly running the world...

Angie Byron, Director of Community Development at Acquia
Acquia is the commercial arm of Drupal, a free open-source content management system for websites. Drupal is another hugely popular open-source project and is often used on servers running Linux.

Byron has been a face in the open-source software world since 2011, when she was the first women to be featured on the cover of Linux Journal.

She's been involved with open source since the mid-'90s, she said, because she loves how it lets anyone "tinker with" software written by others.

"I’ve found that the community of folks I've encountered in Drupal, Linux and other open-source projects is also simply amazing: friendly, intelligent (but down to earth about it), hilarious, sincere, and endlessly passionate."

Open Source Driving Digital Innovation [Feb. 4, 2014]

Submitted on
mardi, le 4 février 2014h
Canadian Government Executive

By Todd Akers

The same power of digital communication that is disrupting the commercial marketplace is empowering direct citizen participation in government. Whether enabling on-demand assistance, real-time information, or communications with legislators, much of what is empowering this new wave of citizen participation has its roots in open source.

In the last few years, governments across Canada have turned to flexible open source solutions. Open source software is freely distributed, and its open codebase provides an engine for innovation, as any developer can create improvements and share their work back with the larger community of users.

Municipalities like St. John and Ottawa are using the Drupal open source platform to provide government services online with greater speed and flexibility. Ottawa moved to Drupal in November 2012, introducing a responsive design that enables an optimal experience across mobile devices, tablets and desktops.

Use of Drupal has increased dramatically among provinces and federally, particularly in light of the Open Government Strategy, which encourages federal departments to adopt solutions that promote open information, open data and open government. Open source apps are enabling people to explore the wild, get updated train arrival times, access government research and publications, and bid on government contracts.

The agility that open source provides helps speed government digital initiatives to market. This provides a network effect that’s unmatched, and not limited to a department’s IT team or project budget. With open source, projects can be prototyped and tested inexpensively and quickly, which can help get a public sector site launched in a fraction of the time. In Drupal’s case, more than 30,000 developers have contributed code. That’s why open source can be a critical asset for capturing the opportunities that new technology presents.

Driving innovation
The crowd-sourced efforts of the contributor community are helping improve citizen services. The Web Experience Toolkit is an open source code library developed to help federal departments build websites that are accessible and optimized for mobile devices. Those using the toolkit are standards-compliant and aligned with Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat's Web Standards protocol, which helps them get ahead of the game as seeks to consolidate information and resources with a common, open framework. Health Canada and Statistics Canada recently implemented sites with the toolkit.

Acquia Puts Resources Behind Work on New Drupal Version [Jan. 24, 2014]

Submitted on
vendredi, le 24 janvier 2014h
Boston Business Journal

By Kyle Alspach

Some time this year, a new version of open-source content management system Drupal is expected to be unleashed, Drupal 8.
The version is expected to be the most business-ready version of Drupal yet, according to Jeannie Finks, client advisory manager at Acquia.

The Burlington, Mass.-based firm provides cloud hosting and related services for companies that use Drupal for their websites. Acquia thus "aligns its business goals around the Drupal project," Finks said.
And so the firm — whose co-founder and CEO is Drupal creator Dries Buytaert — is putting resources behind the worldwide initiative to build the new version.

Those include sponsoring a "coding sprint" this weekend (January 26) for Drupal 8, to be held at Genuine Interactive in Boston (registration for the event has ended).

Drupal Creator and Acquia Co-Founder Dries Buytaert Does a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" = Awesome! [Jan 22, 2014]

Submitted on
mercredi, le 22 janvier 2014h

By Dennis Keohane

At the end of last week, Drupal creator and Acquia co-founder/CTO Dries Buytaert went on reddit and spent some time doing an "Ask Me Anything" session with a whole slew of interested redditors. It was significant for Buytaert because the Q & A fell on the thirteenth anniversary of the founding of Drupal.

It's interesting for us because it gives some insight into the life and career of one of the local tech leaders who is generally quiet and pretty private.

The session, "I'm Dries Buytaert, project lead of Drupal. Ask me anything", featured a ton of questions about Drupal, content management system, as well as Acquia. However, there were plenty of personal and pretty funny exchanges as well.

Here are some of the best...