Mollom verkoopt zich aan grootste klant [14 augustus 2012]

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mardi, 14 août 2012

Mollom, het spambeveilingsbedrijf dat werd uitgeroepen tot Trends Starter van het Jaar in de provincie Antwerpen, is verkocht aan Acquia, een Amerikaans-Belgisch bedrijf dat al de grootste klant van Mollom was.

De overname is een gevolg van een nieuw product dat Mollom heeft ontwikkeld en dat eind september officieel wordt gelanceerd, zegt Benjamin Schrauwen, de hoofdontwikkelaar van Mollom. Hij richtte het bedrijf op samen met Dries Buytaert. Buytaert is zelf oprichter van Acquia, al betrok hij bij de uitbouw van dat bedrijf naast 250 mensen ook de Amerikaanse risicokapitaalbedrijven North Bridge Venture Partners and Sigma Partners.

Acquia buys Mollom to build bigger, better content moderation [Aug 14, 2012]

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mardi, le 14 août 2012h

Together Acquia and Mollom say they can build a content moderation platform that will let organizations manage user-generated content for many sites from a single dashboard. Acquia’s Bryan House said Mollom will also continue to support third-party (non-Acquia) content management systems.

Acquia, which offers a commercial version of the Drupal content management system, is buying Mollom, which provides spam-prevention and other content cleansing capabilities. The companies have many things in common, not the least of which is that they share a founder in Dries Buytaert.

The goal of the convergence is to build a robust content moderation platform that will let organizations that host multiple sites moderate content for all of them from a single dashboard, said Bryan House, VP of product marketing for Burlington, MA.-based Acquia.

What's Coming for Open Source CMS in August 2012 [July 31, 2012]

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mardi, le 31 juillet 2012h
CMS Wire

In July, the Drupal (news, site) project continued work toward Drupal 8, which included creating a Getting Involved page for those who want more information, or would like to help. Anyone who'd like to know what the current focuses are in the process would do well to check this page out.

Drupal 8 project leads are also looking for community feedback on the issue of a proposed plugin system. They're looking for feedback on the issue of how well (or poorly) the system works as it stands now, for Drupal 8, for both plugin writing and plugin type writing.

Drupal company Acquia (news, site) was selected as one of the AlwaysOn Global 250 winners. Global 250 companies were selected based on a set of five criteria: "innovation, market potential, commercialization, stakeholder value, and media buzz."

Acquia also partnered with Janrain to bring social logins to its Enterprise Drupal Gardens platform, and made some improvements to its Acquia Search offering. Anyone interested in making Drupal and Apache Solr (news, site) work well together might want to check out Nick Veenhof's blog post on the subject.

DrupalCon Munich is coming on August 20 - 24. This event is expected to host over 1800 attendees, and is following the theme "Open up! Connecting Systems and People."

Janrain Partners with Acquia to Provide Social Authentication and Sharing for Enterprise Drupal Gardens [July 25, 2012]

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mercredi, le 25 juillet 2012h

Portland, OR July 25, 2012 –Janrain, the leading provider of User Management solutions for the social web, and Acquia, the enterprise guide to Drupal, today announced that Acquia has selected Janrain to power social login and sharing across its Enterprise Drupal Gardens platform. With this new partnership, Janrain will power social login for thousands of new sites built on the OpenSaaS Enterprise Drupal Gardens platform. This partnership enables digital marketers to provide compelling and engaging experiences for their site visitors.

“The importance and value of social login and sharing is just beginning to be understood within the market,” said Larry Drebes, CEO of Janrain. “Our solution helps businesses to easily convert anonymous web visitors to known, registered users and gain access to rich social profile data that can be used to increase engagement and brand advocacy from those consumers. With this partnership, Acquia customers can enjoy the benefits of social login and sharing.”

“Digital marketers are choosing Enterprise Drupal Gardens to create a turnkey site factory to accelerate the delivery of marketing websites to engage with customers,” said Bryan House, vice president of product marketing at Acquia. “By partnering with Janrain, we are able to offer a market-leading social authentication and sharing platform deeply integrated in the Drupal Gardens site experience.”

"The combination of Janrain and Acquia's Enterprise Drupal Gardens is enabling us to create the best social registration and sharing experience for fans that we've ever had, while eliminating most of the integration challenges we faced in the past." said Ryan Garner, VP of D2C Services at Warner Music Group. "This partnership is proving to be a win win for fans and artists."

DrupalCon 2012 fin août à Munich [16 juillet 2012]

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lundi, le 16 juillet 2012h

Munich accueillera la conférence DrupalCon 2012, l’un des plus grands rendez-vous internationaux pour les développeurs Web. Et un français, Acquia, est l’un des sponsors de cet événement de mise en valeur de la gestion de contenu open source.

Acquia se rapproche des utilisateurs français de Drupal [4 juillet 2012]

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mercredi, le 4 juillet 2012h

C'est la solution de gestion de contenu Open Source la plus déployée par les grandes entreprises françaises et elle se classe en troisième position dans les plus petites, selon une étude récente de l'intégrateur Smile. Une bonne raison pour Acquia, la société fondée par le créateur de Drupal, Dries Buytaert, afin de jouer le rôle d'éditeur pour la distribution libre, de s'implanter en France, ce qu'elle a fait le 25 mai dernier. Collaboratif-info a rencontré Cyril Reinhard, le directeur France et Europe du sud d'Acquia.

Autant Drupal jouit d'une bonne notoriété en France, autant Acquia y reste encore peu connue. Quelle est son périmètre d'intervention ?
Cyril Reinhard : Elle comble un vide par rapport aux besoins des entreprises utilisatrices de Drupal ou à celles qui souhaiteraient y venir mais s'interrogent sur sa pérennité. Acquia garantit le support du corps et des modules de Drupal, elle travaille sur sa roadmap et offre également un certain nombre de services à valeur ajoutée pour réussir un projet Drupal.

Drupal enjoys rocketing growth [June 29, 2012]

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vendredi, le 29 juin 2012h
IT World

June 29, 2012, 11:53 AM — While Red Hat remains the poster child for open source success stories, at least in the eyes of the business world, Drupal vendor Acquia has quietly been enjoying phenomenal growth and accolades of its own.

The Burlington, MA-based startup has hired over 50 new employees since the start of the year, and plans to hire at least 50 more in the third quarter alone, according to a tweet from CTO and co-founder Dries Buytaert this morning.

The Drupal content management system is one of the most popular CMS in the world today and, like competing platforms Joomla! and WordPress, is open source. Acquia is the commercial vendor of Drupal, which Buytaert co-founded in 2007.

In the ensuing four years, Acquia has picked up $38.5 million in venture cap funding and has well over 2,000 customers. Not only does Acquia provide the usual sort of support for Drupal deployments, but it also hosts websites on its Drupal Gardens service, and provides elastic Managed Cloud hosting services.

Meanwhile, the Drupal community has done spectacularly well, too. The non-profit Drupal Association, started in 2006, has become one of the largest open source communities in the world.

"We have supported the Drupal community in its exponential growth from 70,000 members to over 800,000 and from 700 committers to over 18,000. And we are just getting started," Buytaert wrote in a blog entry this week.

Acquia Achieves SSAE 16: Does It Really Matter [June 26, 2012]

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mardi, le 26 juin 2012h
CMS Wire

Acquia Achieves SSAE 16: Does It Really Matter

Acquia, which provides enterprise products and services for open source content management system (CMS) Drupal, has become one of the latest cloud vendors to complete SSAE 16 (SOC1) certification. The certification signals that a company has controls and procedures to secure and control content hosted on its platform. Are industry certifications like SSAE 16 enough to attract enterprises away from private cloud implementations?

Acquia Completes SSAE 16 Examination [June 26, 2012]

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mardi, le 26 juin 2012h
Compliance Week

Acquia Completes SSAE 16 Examination

Acquia, the enterprise guide to open-source content management system Drupal, announced that it has recently completed and obtained a service auditor's review for the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) 16.

SSAE 16, which replaces the previous SAS70 auditing standard, is a regulatory standard issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. A critical component in achieving SSAE 16 compliance is an organization's ability to reduce risk and provide clients with controlled security measures.

Drupal's popularity growing in government [June 22, 2012]

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vendredi, le 22 juin 2012h
Government Computer News

Drupal is one of the more popular open-source content management systems used by the federal government. Just how popular the software is in the public sector was outlined by an infographic recently released by Aquia.

Drupal is used throughout the federal government, said Jessica Richmond, Acquia’s senior director of government professional services. According to Acquia, 24 percent of all .gov websites use Drupal. The software is an important part of the Digital Government strategy, which is using it to help consolidate multiple platforms and websites, she said.