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Shining the light on Acquia and Drupal

Things are cooking here at Acquia - with lots happening to spread the word about Acquia and Drupal.
First - Dries was named one of Tech’s best young entrepreneur’s today by It’s a good piece & Dries got great billing in the article. Congratulations, Dries - well deserved .
Next in the exciting news category, last week, we learned Acquia was one of six companies chosen to present at the... Plus

Drupal at MySQL expo day 2 and 3

Here's how the MySQL expo went by the numbers:
* 145 Drupal rocks mini business cards were handed out. Actual size image on the right.
* I talked directly with approximately 115 people. 69 of those people were either aware of Drupal, considering, or in some advanced stage of using Drupal.
* I am on the fifth day of trying out my new social publishing elevator pitch, and it's going really well.
* Drupal is being adopted as the new developer community web platform of choice. Even other web application frameworks are using... Plus

Joining an Open Source Company

Joining Acquia not only marks the earliest stage that I’ve joined a company, but also the first time I’ve joined a commercial Open Source company. This was one of the main reasons I chose to join the company. Managing a services business at an Open Source software company creates some interesting challenges compared to my past experience in traditional software and consulting businesses.

There’s more than one culture to adapt to. When you join an Open Source company, you not only need to adjust to your company’s culture, but you need to become an active... Plus

Minneapolis: Hub of the Drupalverse?

As a native Bostonian, I'm pretty hesitant about calling something the "hub" of anything. I have to go reconsider my instinct as I look at the Drupal events scheduled for the week of May 5-11 in Minneapolis. That week, the Twin Cities will host two opportunities for training, the Drupal search sprint, and a the Minnesota Bar Camp (minnebar). For that week, the Hub of the Drupalverse has clearly shifted to the American Midwest.
Kicking off the agenda is the [Lullabot Training](, who will offer their theming and... Plus

Andy and Selena's video on when to use Drupal or Wordpress

Andy and Selena did a great presentation this weekend at LUGRadio. Andy's posted the video on her site.

Drupal at MySQL conference day 1

I am at the MySQL conference and expo in Santa Clara, CA this week. I am representing Drupal at the dot org pavilion. There was no expo on Monday, so I spent my day arranging a Drupal Birds of a Feather for Wednesday, at 7:30PM and working with Sooz on perfecting the Drupal booth kit.
I spent most of my day meeting and talking with MySQL folks. I apologize for the shameless name dropping.
CEO Martin Meekos - I asked Martin how he planned to grow MySQL’s contributor base beyond the one hundred to one hundred and fifty developers they have now. He indicated they had a large ecosystem of tools... Plus

Cloud Computing and Drupal

<p>Dries has an interesting post on <a href="/fr/%3Ca%20href%3D"">cloud">">cloud computing as it relates to Drupal</a>. There have been a bunch of recent announcements and things are generally heading in the right direction. According to Dries, getting Drupal in the cloud is all about making relational databases scale. <a href="/fr/%3Ca%20href%3D"">Check">">Check it out</a>.</p>... Plus

A skeptic plans a certification program

One of my responsibilities at [Acquia]( is overseeing the development of our [certification program]( We're creating this program to establish baseline credentials for working with our commercially supported distribution of [Drupal]( (codenamed [Carbon](\) and our [Spokes]( Plus

Drupal at LUGRadio live in San Francisco

This past weekend Neil Drumm and I manned the Drupal booth at LUGRadio live. There were a lot of Drupal fans in attendance, and I think Drupal got a lot of interest from groups like engineers without borders and the independent games developers conference.
The highlights of the conference for me was the Wordpress versus Drupal presentation by Andy De Luca and Selena Deckelmann, the community manager for Postgresql. Both are big Drupal fans and so it was really a presentation about what sucks and what's awesome about Drupal in comparison to Wordpress. All their points were rational and... Plus

Goals for Testing Code Sprint in Paris

I'm attending the Drupal testing code sprint in Paris and my goals are to graduate from the Károly and Jimmy's school of Drupal unit testing class make a dent in the unit test coverage. With this certificate, I'll extend what I learn to all via general community participation and to a much higher degree with other Acquia developers like Gábor Hojtsy, Barry Jaspan and Vladimir Dolgopolov.
During recess breaks, I'll bend Rok's ear on an entirely new angle regarding the use of continuous integration on Drupal that I've been working on here at Acquia... Plus

Why are people building social apps in PHP without Drupal?

Check out this chart of job trends in the number of job postings that mention the words "social" and "php" or "social" and "Drupal". It comes from

social php jobs - social drupal jobs
There are currently 816 social app building jobs mentioning PHP skills and only... Plus

Building the Coolest Three-Minute Drupal Demo

Acquia is starting to build Drupal demos and we’d like the community’s input on today's coolest Drupal capabilities to highlight. These demos will be targeted at people who have never heard about Drupal or maybe think it is "a blogging CMS." Right now we're focusing on building a very short demo in the 2-4 minute range that will be based around a story of a company wanting to create social buzz for the community of people who might use its products. We're looking for maximum impact in minimum time.
So, what are the hottest, most exciting things Drupal can to today based entirely on core+... Plus

How to test 20 000 Drupal 7 core patches

Summary: 20 000 patches submitted by 1200 contributors for Drupal 7 will require:
* testing tools development with patch testing automation
* 1200 core contributors to be trained on how to write and maintain core tests
The tantalizing goal The Drupal project lead has presented an interesting challenge to the Drupal project's core development contributors. If contributors add 100% testing coverage to Drupal 7, they can reap the benefits of automated testing by having four more months of feature improvements in the development cycle. Dries has left the Drupal community drooling for more... Plus

Top twelve most subscribed working groups on

In my new role as the Drupal community adventure guide I am taking a look at where Drupal is growing. One part of the Drupal community that is really hot is
Moshe Weitzman and the team of administrators at have hit an important growth milestone. For the second time in 4 months has over a million page views a month! I think that makes it a certifiable web 2.0 hot property ;-)
Where is all this growth coming from? Certainly a lot of the growth is coming from the 115 local groups. But let's... Plus

Open Source Business Conference

Today is my first day back from vacation in Maui, Hawaii. It turns out that my vacation was good preparation for this conference. For the last week, I've been waking up early in the morning to sea kayak into the ocean and swim with 50 ton blue whales.
Here at OSBC I am swimming with the big whales of open source companies as well. The keynotes were presented by Matt Asay, founder of OSBC and open source business blogger. Matt mentioned that he and a few others have estimated that at least $2 000 000 000 has been invested in open source... Plus

The Results Are in: OSBC Crowd Says Web CMS / Social Software Most Likely to Be Disrupted by Open Source

Later today at OSBC, I'll be joining a panel discussion of the results of the 2008 Future of Open Source survey led by by Michael Skok, general partner at North Bridge Venture Partners and CEOs of Ingres, MySQL, and SugarCRM.
The survey was conducted among OSBC attendees and customers/communities of the panelists, including many friends of Acquia who found the survey on my blog last week. You can see the survey results here.... Plus

Drupalcon Love

The last three months working on Drupalcon Boston 2008 have been an incredible experience for me. I've been able to give back to an amazing community that has giving so much to me professionally and personally. It's been an honor and a privilege to work with so many passionate, smart, and generous people. Before I take off for an exciting adventure vacation, I... Plus

Acquia launch party at Felt

At DrupalCon Boston, Acquia sponsored a launch party at the Felt club in Boston. Jeff Robbins from Lullabot performed live with its former rock band Orbit, and Acquia's Jay Batson took the crowd deep into the night with progressive house and trance music. Great parteeh!

... Plus

Acquia Press and Analyst Tour

We recently completed our press and analyst tour introducing Acquia to the world.
It was really fun to introduce these key influencers to Drupal and to Acquia. Reaction was very positive. Coverage is linked here.
read more

Great day for Drupal

Today was a great day for Drupal.
We kicked off our largest Drupal conference ever – more than 800 Drupal enthusiasts from all over of the world are getting together in Boston for one week to brainstorm, to share and to work on Drupal. DrupalCon Boston sold out six days in advance. It is twice the size of DrupalCon Barcelona, held just 6 months ago. It has been a blast so far.
Today I also gave my traditional State of Drupal keynote presentation. While the preparation of such a... Plus

Social Publishing ≠ Social Networking - So What Is It?

John Willis recently published a post that equates social publishing with social networking. While the post is pretty good, and I agree with most of the points, I need to correct the bit about the definition of social publishing. It’s way more than social networking. Let me explain.
Social publishing is a blend of three categories:
1) web content management
2) social software (blogs, wikis, social networking platforms, forums, etc.)
3) web app frameworks... Plus

Social Publishing ≠ Social Networking - So What Is It?

John Willis recently published a post that equates social publishing with social networking. While the post is pretty good, and I agree with most of the points, I need to correct the bit about the definition of social publishing. It’s way more than social networking. Let me explain.
Social publishing is a blend of three categories:
1) web content management
2) social software (blogs, wikis, social networking platforms, forums, etc.)
3) web app frameworks... Plus

Anne Zelenka Checking Out Drupal & Acquia

I just noticed that pro blogger and technologist Anne Zelenka is checking out Drupal and Acquia. Anne blogs on GigaOM and ran with the Redmonk guys for a while, which is where I first discovered her talent for seeing the way things should be.... Plus

A Dormant Drupal Opportunity?

Gartner, one of the leading technology industry analyst firms, published their list of the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2008 back in October 2007 at their Gartner Symposium/ITXpo event. I was at the event, but somehow missed the press release. Karthikeyan over at Seeking Alpha just posted a summary that brought it to my attention.
The good news is... Plus

On The Market Value of a Brand

Sandro Groganz has an interesting post where he attempts to calculate the value of the MySQL brand as a component of the acquisition price Sun paid. Here's the punch line: "As of today, a whopping 85% of MySQL’s economic value added can be attributed to its strong Open Source brand." I haven't checked Sandro's math in detail, but it's clear that brand is a huge component of the value of MySQL."
Now many people will stop here and think, "That's insane. Brand is just marketing fluff like logos and skip intro graphics!". Not so... Plus