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Try Drupal 7 Alpha on your laptop or desktop

If you aren't a professional Drupal developer, or Drupal system admin you might be challenged to get an early preview of Drupal 7. Content professionals, designers, project managers, Drupal business people may be challenged get a working web infrastructure set-up just to check out Drupal 7.

Here is an easy way to get Drupal 7 running on your laptop or desktop. There is also professional documentation for the Acquia stack installer.

  1. Download and install the Acquia Stack Installer for OSX, Windows, or Linux with our .deb package. If you've already got it installed you might want to upgrade by running the uninstaller first.
  2. Take a moment to marvel at how easy that was.
  3. From your Acquia control panel, start the web server and database. Click on settings.
  4. Download Drupal 7 Alpha 1. Open the tarball with a decompression utility.
  5. Click on the sites tab.
  6. Click on Import...
  7. Click the browse button on the sitepath line, and select the Drupal 7 alpha folder.
  8. Select create a new database in the database section. Enter the name for your database such as 'test7'
  9. Add a subdomain or URL path if you want.
  10. Click import.
  11. Step through the installer and your Drupal 7 alpha site should be now running locally.

Enjoy your Drupal 7 site. Be sure to read the official release. To learn more about how to use the Acquia Drupal installer, read the official documentation.


Posted on by icesurfer (non vérifié).

Amazing. It just works.
However, for us newbies - please move instruction item #6 to #4
After #8 add "Enter the name for your database such as 'test7'

Posted on by Kieran Lal.

Hi Timothy, I've made updates to include your suggestions.


Posted on by mirandakiehl (non vérifié).

The list of critica l issues is now 465 pending bugs. I thought it was fluctuating as there was 340 when I check before. Is there any Drupal 7 roadmap? When does Drupal 7 come out?

Miranda Kiehl,