Accueil / Drupal at MySQL expo day 2 and 3

Drupal at MySQL expo day 2 and 3

Here's how the MySQL expo went by the numbers:

* 145 Drupal rocks mini business cards were handed out. Actual size image on the right.
* I talked directly with approximately 115 people. 69 of those people were either aware of Drupal, considering, or in some advanced stage of using Drupal.
* I am on the fifth day of trying out my new social publishing elevator pitch, and it's going really well.
* Drupal is being adopted as the new developer community web platform of choice. Even other web application frameworks are using Drupal because it's just the best solution. Some companies using Drupal for their communities include:,,, I'll post more on that topic later.
* Sooz put together a slide show of 37 Drupal showcase sites, to be posted soon, and it's running on a loop. It's getting a lot of attention and Drupal is being associated with well known brands. The variety of types of sites being built are making for a great halo around Drupal.

Visitors using Drupal: AOL, one of big three TV networks, Duke university, NYU, McClatchy, Revresponse, and probably 10 or more open source projects.

Feedback at the Drupal booth:

* CEO of MySQL, Mårten Mickos, shared inspiring words about Drupal’s rise as a business success story
* A Mambo consulting shop which has been unable to get the SEO results it’s clients need, has switched entirely to Drupal.
* A Mosso engineer explained some of the flaws in another web CMS extension schema design that causes endless problems in their hosting environment.
* One person who described Drupal as their favorite new product was pleased to confirm its status after some extensive competitive research.
* The project lead of Silverstripe who described Drupal as the iceberg which has finally started to reveal it's actual size and depth.
* A major open source project is switching their site from something custom to Drupal.
* Sun was a major presence at the conference. I talked to at least a dozen different parts of Sun. They are excited about Drupal as part of the Sun web stack. They are even demoing Drupal in their booth.

Drupal Birds of a Feather

* We had twelve people drop by the Drupal birds of a feather. Two groups were new to Drupal and we focused helping them understand how to have a successful Drupal site. We finished up the discussion with some hardcore hardware recommendations for growing Drupal sites.


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GO Kieran! GO!

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Thanks for the update. Looking forward to your additional remarks about other companies and communities using Drupal, and Sooz' showcase sites.