Accueil / Drupal Gardens usability testing sign up sheet

Drupal Gardens usability testing sign up sheet

I received a lot of requests (thank you), but only a few provided email addresses. Trying to aggregate a list and communicate with everyone proved to be a chore. If you're interested in becoming a usability tester, please sign up here:

To level set, the purpose of a usability test is to observe users in action. These sessions are not intended to be a product walk through. Each test is an hour long, during which we'll ask you to try to accomplish a few tasks and observe how well our software performs for your needs.

Thanks in advance. You're participation will help us better Drupal and Drupal Gardens.

Jeff Noyes


Posted on by Jeff Noyes.

Sorry for the confusion. Some voiced concerns about privacy with the public spreadsheet. I've since migrated to Google from and updated the post above. Form can also be found here: dFBqdHBlU19wcXhJVm9Xdzh.....

Jeff Noyes
Interaction Designer

Posted on by elano15 (non vérifié).

i am doing now thank you jeff i wiss i will be first tester for spreadsheets :D