Accueil / Anne Zelenka Checking Out Drupal & Acquia

Anne Zelenka Checking Out Drupal & Acquia

I just noticed that pro blogger and technologist Anne Zelenka is checking out Drupal and Acquia. Anne blogs on GigaOM and ran with the Redmonk guys for a while, which is where I first discovered her talent for seeing the way things should be.

I hope she’s able to fully discover the power of Drupal and look forward to seeing her thoughts on what can be done to make it better.

Anne also had some interesting things to say about Acquia:

I didn’t even know until I read a recent post from Cote’ that there’s a venture-funded Drupal startup, Acquia. Surely I saw that when Cote’ first mentioned it, but it didn’t impress me until now — because now I have an actual project or two or three to use it on. I think that’s pretty cool even if $7M sounds like nothing to my GigaOM-jaded brain. It makes me feel that betting my project (and more important my human capital) on Drupal is a reasonably rational thing to do.

It’s nice to see that the existence of a venture-backed software company like Acquia helps make Drupal feel more attractive and safe for Anne. If we can have the same impression on hundreds of other Anne Zelenkas out there, it could really help increase awareness of Drupal.

On the topic of Drupal awareness, we’re planning to talk to many of the top industry analysts and press about Acquia over the next few weeks. Though it may seem surprising, many of the people we’ll be talking to have not heard of Drupal or know very little about it. So we plan to start the conversations with Drupal 101: what it is, who uses it, why they use it, how it compares to the alternatives, etc. We’ll also make sure they understand that Drupal is built by a massive and self-organizing global community.

After they understand the Drupal basics, we’ll describe how Acquia offering a supported distribution, great technical support, and value-added network services can make life easier for many current Drupal users and encourage new Drupal adoption.

Assuming we’re successful, there should be an uptick in online conversation about Drupal over the next few months. Hopefully that will drive many curious newcomers to and also into the arms of Drupal consulting and development shops around the world. Wouldn’t that be great?