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10 Worthy Investments for Delivering a Truly Captivating Web Experience

Over the past decade, socialization on the Web has completely transformed how people consume information and interact with one another. Today’s marketing organizations now have the responsibility of capturing an integrated view of their customer across channels, while simultaneously promoting, delivering, and measuring engagement of those customers. This must be managed at every touchpoint along the customer journey all the way from initial response to checkout.

There is an underlying complexity associated with marketing with customer engagement. However, sophisticated digital marketers are leveraging modern, innovative web experience management solutions - designed with marketing agility as a core tenet – to help drive customer engagement. These solutions are built on an open, flexible, and highly extensible platform that allows organizations to plug and play with existing tools. If your goals are to create new demand, build brand loyalty, and expand your customer footprint across geographies and channels, then you need to build highly immersive, engaging websites that infuse content, collaboration, and commerce into a seamless experience for your customers.

It's not that these goals are really new, but what has changed is that WEM (web experience management) is now the core enabler to achieving these goals in a new digital landscape. WEM covers many facets, but I would suggest there are a number of key capabilities to layer in over time that will maximize the impact and return on your web property investments. And since the world is in need of one more top 10 list, here's mine for WEM core capabilities that increase operational efficiencies and/or engagement:

1) An intuitive authoring environment: Implement a solution with an intuitive authoring environment to act as a catalyst for driving collaboration for your contributors (content creators, campaigns managers, content approvers, and even analysts) to execute on the vision of true data driven marketing.

2) Online social community creation: Drive engagement by building and controlling your social communities, and that will help forge deeper connections with your prospects and customers.

3) Automated social publishing: Ensure maximum reach of your campaign by pushing content for launches and other time based marketing activities to existing social communities with the help of automated social publishing tools.

4) Rich media management: Effectively deliver campaign messages and offers across channels leveraging searchable, sharable, rich media that is optimized for the user, device, and channel.

5) Content personalization and targeting: Improve conversion by delivering personalized content and campaigns based on the users context and history of interactions.

6) Multi-channel campaign management: Optimize campaign management across social, mobile, web, and email channels by integrating lead scoring and marketing management systems with your site to improve lead qualification and the sales funnel.

7) Optimized mobile experiences: Deliver unique and captivating experiences whenever, wherever consumers choose to interact by optimizing mobile experiences in the browser as well as native applications.

8) CRM enabled content experiences: Tightly integrate with your CRM platforms to enable more meaningful customer segmentation, social web communities with better customer tracking, and more content-rich commerce experiences.

9) Highly efficient localization across global markets: Publish content that is inspired by local customer and market conditions without diluting the overarching corporate brand, message and strategy.

10) Content-rich and interactive shopping experiences: Embed rich services such as rating/reviews, reputation, or leader boards on your ecommerce site to create deeper relationships at checkout and drive greater customer retention.

Drupal’s flexible, open-source platform is used today by organizations across the globe to build robust web experience management solutions with these objectives in mind and gain true competitive advantage. In my next post, I'll discuss some of the reasons why organizations are choosing Drupal as a unified platform for delivering Content, Collaboration, and Commerce to their key stakeholders.

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