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Dries Buytaert

Chief Technology Officer
Acquia, Inc.

Dries Buytaert is the original creator and project lead for the Drupal open source web publishing and collaboration platform. Buytaert serves as president of the Drupal Association, a non-profit organisation formed to help Drupal flourish. He is also co-founder and chief technology officer of Acquia, a venture-backed software company that offers products and services for Drupal. Dries is also a co-founder of Mollom, a web service that helps you identify content quality and, more importantly, helps you stop website spam. A native of Belgium, Buytaert holds a PhD in computer science and engineering from Ghent University and a Licentiate Computer Science (MsC) from the University of Antwerp. In 2008, Buytaert was elected Young Entrepreneurs of Tech by BusinessWeek as well as MIT TR 35 Young Innovator.

Derniers billets

Posted on jeudi, le 3 juillet 2008, 05h13 EDT
John Eckman of Optaros sat down with Jeff Whatcott, Acquia's Chief Communicator, to talk about Drupal and Acquia. Rock on, Jeff. If you can't see the video above, you can view it directly at Plus...
Posted on jeudi, le 1 mai 2008, 15h45 EDT
Acquia was one of six companies chosen to present at the Launch Pad event at the Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco last week. Selection for Launch Pad was a great honor - more than 150 companies submitted applications - and a tremendous opportunity to Plus...
Posted on jeudi, le 1 mai 2008, 04h01 EDT
Every week, several people ask me what I spend time on at Acquia? What does a co-founder and start-up CTO in a high-tech company do? In starting a company, there are lots of things that have to be done but my main responsibility right now is to Plus...
Posted on Dimanche, le 13 janvier 2008, 08h08 EST
(The video above was shot last week when Jay and I were driving to work. Jay said 'December' but really meant 'January'.) As you might have read on the Acquia website, Acquia is six people now. We had the fortune of being able to hire some Plus...
Posted on jeudi, le 20 decembre 2007, 16h05 EST
Today, we announced that Gábor Hojtsy and Kieran Lal have joined Acquia as employee one and two respectively. The nice thing about hiring from an Open Source community is that it makes the hiring process significantly easier. I've been working with Plus...