Chris Pliakas

Manager of Content Service Engineering
Acquia, Inc.

Derniers billets

Posted on mardi, le 8 avril 2014, 11h28 EDT
On the eve of 2013, prolific Drupal contributor Larry Garfield put forth a challenge to "get off the island", and judging by the adoption of non-Drupal projects in Drupal 8 core I would say the community has responded. By using the Composer tool it Plus...
Posted on mardi, le 11 juin 2013, 13h34 EDT
Part of the "all you need to know to become a great Drupal developer" blog series. Performing a quick search online, many vocal critics of PHP air it's perceived shortcomings in comparison to "real" programming languages. Yet if you cut through the Plus...
Posted on mercredi, le 18 mai 2011, 16h39 EDT
Someone once told me that 70% of all technology projects fail. Regardless of whether the statistic is true, it stuck to me like glue. As an engineer I always asked myself what I could have done differently to have made a project more successful, Plus...