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At Acquia we love Drupal and we are proud to give back to the community by contributing code, sponsoring events, organizing Drupal camps and code sprints.

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Jeff Geerling
Released Honeypot 8.x-1.18-beta1

I released Honeypot for Drupal 8 beta 1; Honeypot is one of the most effective and widely-used spam prevention modules for Drupal.

Travis Carden
Released Checklist API 7.x-1.2

I released Checklist API version 7.x-1.2 with new Drush commands.

Cameron Tod
Released new version of Codefilter module

Codefilter is a module used to highlight PHP source code in webpages. It is used on Drupal.org. I recently released an updated version, 7.x-1.1, with some new features.

Download it here: https://drupal.org/project/codefilter

Cameron Tod
Presented at DrupalCamp London

I gave a presentation at DrupalCamp London 2014, 'A git workflow for Drupal core development', aimed at developers who want to begin contributing to Drupal.

Jeannie Finks
Organized Global Sprint Weekend, Boston

Boston Full Day Sprint Jan 25, part of the Global Sprint Weekend 2014

For some Drupal developers or site builders, they've been telling themselves for months to start contributing to Drupal core. Sprints are a chance to get started with in-person training and mentoring from friendly, experienced core contributors. And to start becoming familiar with Drupal 8!

If folks are working already on core, sprints are a fantastic opportunity to meet other contributors, hang out in person, mentor newbies, and work on manageable tasks in the Drupal core queue.

Sites we've built to promote Drupal

Fighting fear, uncertainty and doubt about Drupal. Drupal myths debunks common Drupal misconceptions.
Free hosted sites for anyone. Drupal Gardens provides a quick on-ramp to Drupal with no lock-in.
Listing thousands of Drupal sites in every category. It is free to list and site owners control their message.
The report looks at how Drupal handles security in systems built to take input from a variety of sources.