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Drupal Give: Recent Activity

Security vulnerabilities reviews and coordination.

Reviewed core security vulnerability patch and wrote test. Reviewed and coordinated SA releases.

Mariano Asselborn
Page Load Progress.

Shared part of the code used to lock the Managed Cloud Workflow UI when a long task is triggered, built as a standalone module that displays an overlay layer blurring the screen, with a nice spinner in the middle. Currently in my sandbox http://drupal.org/sandbox/mariano/1425040 being reviewed by the community to be released as a full module.

Peter Wolanin
The Path to Drupal Security.

Jakub and I presented at DrupalCon Denver an educational session on Drupal security focused on developers: http://denver2012.drupal.org/program/sessions/drupal-security-coders-how...

See the presentation at: http://prezi.com/-ox5sthescyl/drupal-security-denver/

At a rough guess at least 150 people were in the room to listen.

Moshe Weitzman
Drush 5 - Prepare for release.

I reviewed patches for Drush 5 and just released Drush 5.0-RC5. Drush Make in particular got some new improvements like #1452564 by jamsilver, Steven Jones: Allow making of specific projects/libraries.

Improve Drupalcon Denver web site.

Customized and styled the schedule and attendee list pages for Drupalcon Denver.