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Drupal Give: Recent Activity

Drupal-to-Drupal migration.

Recent work done to migrate Acquia customers from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 has been generalized to form the core of the migrate_d2d module, a framework to support migrations from any Drupal version to Drupal 7 for now, and to serve as a proof-of-concept for using a migration approach for major core Drupal upgrades in the future.

Mariano Asselborn
Page Load Progress.

Shared part of the code used to lock the Managed Cloud Workflow UI when a long task is triggered, built as a standalone module that displays an overlay layer blurring the screen, with a nice spinner in the middle. Currently in my sandbox http://drupal.org/sandbox/mariano/1425040 being reviewed by the community to be released as a full module.

Peter Wolanin
The Path to Drupal Security.

Jakub and I presented at DrupalCon Denver an educational session on Drupal security focused on developers: http://denver2012.drupal.org/program/sessions/drupal-security-coders-how...

See the presentation at: http://prezi.com/-ox5sthescyl/drupal-security-denver/

At a rough guess at least 150 people were in the room to listen.

Moshe Weitzman
Drush 5 - Prepare for release.

I reviewed patches for Drush 5 and just released Drush 5.0-RC5. Drush Make in particular got some new improvements like #1452564 by jamsilver, Steven Jones: Allow making of specific projects/libraries.

Improve Drupalcon Denver web site.

Customized and styled the schedule and attendee list pages for Drupalcon Denver.