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Drupal Give: Recent Activity

Peter Wolanin
Drupal vs. WordPress Panelist.

Participated as a panelist (in the end the only one representing Drupal out of three panelists) at the Princeton Public Library to discuss the relative merits of Drupal and WordPress.

Of course, the key point I emphasized that either (as GPL software) are better than proprietary solutions.

Peter Wolanin
Created Session Grid Module for COD 7.x.

The Conference Organizing Distribution (COD) for Drupal 7.x is still being built and a number of features present in the Drupal 6 version are not yet re-built for 7. Since I wanted to be able to show a session grid for our upcoming DrupalCamp NJ, I dove in to try to understand how to build that. After long discussions with one of the maintainers (and fellow Acquian) Jacob Perry in IRC, I finally understood the data model and was able to build a module with an appropriate view and a custom View style with lots of preprocessing to make the grid. You can see some documentation I wrote at http://drupal.org/node/1884428 and the module code at http://drupal.org/sandbox/pwolanin/1884410

Peter Wolanin
Continued DrupalCamp NJ planning.

We met on January 3rd to discuss logistics, sessions, etc and will continue meeting every week until the camp happens on Feb 2nd. For more info see http://groups.drupal.org/node/274823

Kevin Hankens

Originally developed to aid a customer in migrating to Drupal, TableField (http://drupal.org/project/tablefield) filled a feature gap for one site. The module provides an interface to attach tabular data to Drupal content in a simple spreadsheet-like format. From its humble beginnings, it now has nearly 5000 users, some of whom have helped fix bugs and code new features.

Peter Wolanin
DrupalCamp NJ 2013 Site Launch.

Over the last 3 weeks we have had a full-day sprint and ongoing collaboration to set up a responsive-themed site using COD 7 for our upcoming Drupal camp. The site is now live and taking session submissions, and tickets are available for the camp: http://www.drupalcampnj.org/

Contributors include David Hernandez (Rutgers Univ.), Levi Sigworth (Princeton Univ.), Michael Muzzie (Princeton Univ.), Henry Umansky (Princeton Univ.), and myself. The overall design was derived from the 2012 DrupalCamp NJ theme which was donated by Blink Reaction.

Katherine Bailey
MASt (Mobile App Services).

The Acquia-sponsored MASt module (http://drupal.org/project/mast) provides Mobile App Services, with a focus on content creation from a mobile app. Based on the widely used Services module, it lets any Drupal site connect to the Drupal Gardens mobile app. It provides built-in support for content creation and has an API flexible enough to support other entities in the future (such as users or media items).

Katherine Bailey
Drupal 8 Code Sprint in Vancouver.

I organized a two-day code sprint to work on core issues. Day one was sponsored by Acquia, including space rental and a full day of my time to work on WSCCI-related issues, specifically http://drupal.org/node/1784312 (making Drupal 8's bootstrap process more sane) and http://drupal.org/node/1269742 (Making the path alias system pluggable).

Kieran Lal
Moving security team issues along.

Helped to update or move some 40 Drupal security team issues along as a security team coordinator. Hopefully we will see some issues come through the security process in the next few weeks.

Drupal UI/UX Summit .

Lisa Rex and Dharmesh Mistry from Acquia co-organized Drupal's very first UI/ UX Summit at BADCamp. The other co-organizers were Jen Lampton, Garen Checkley and Rebecca Gessler. This one-day summit focused on workshops educating the attendees on various aspects of user experience. Besides the workshops, we conducted a LIVE usability study on Views with 8 participants.

Views usability study at BADCamp.

Dharmesh Mistry and Lisa Rex were heavily involved with Views UI (7.x-3.5) usability studies at the BADCamp UX/UI Summit, from writing the test script, scheduling participants, and moderating all 8 studies.

The end result is we have uncovered several major and moderate usability problems which are already being worked on by the View in Drupal Core team. A full write up our findings can be found on Drupal.org, Report from BADCamp 2012 Views Usability Testing.