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Acquia, Investors and Teaming Up to Build Greatness

In the summer of 2007, I received an email from Michael Skok of Northbridge Venture Partners, who I had known for 12 years at that time. I had recently exited Mercury Interactive after its acquisition by HP. He suggested that I meet with a entrepreneur around a project he was looking at. When I met with Jay Batson, and short thereafter with Dries Buytaert, I was intrigued. It was Michael's vision about the possibilities however that really grabbed my attention. The three asked me later that year to join the yet unnamed company as its founding CEO.

Maxim and SEMI Gain Significant ROI from Migrating to Drupal and the Cloud

For organizations with mission-critical websites, the topic of re-platforming the Content Management System can cause significant unrest – both from the business and the IT teams. Add to the already sensitive situation, the need to move from the current hosting infrastructure to a new cloud provider – and you have an extremely daunting series of tasks.


OpenSaaS Brings New Freedom to the Cloud

The rise of SaaS, software delivered as a service, is having an enormously disruptive impact on the software industry. Forrester Research estimates that spending on SaaS technology will double by 2013, representing 16% of all software spend. Gartner Research estimates that SaaS software spend is growing at 18%, compounded annually, and will reach $23B by 2015.

CTI Digital partners with Acquia [Oct 7, 2011]

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Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011 Uhr
The Drum

CTI Digital has announced an enterprise-level partnership with Acquia, a provider of commercial solutions for Drupal.

Social Publishing: Connecting Community and Content with the New Enterprise Web

Once thought of as a content distribution channel, the web is now about social content experiences: the rich, interactive experiences that can be created from a blend of media types shared by diverse groups of individuals and delivered to all kinds of devices.

This webinar will discuss how the open-source social publishing platform Drupal, together with Acquia, gives you the tools and infrastructure you need to manage your web content and integrate social media channels to strengthen brand engagement with your customers, prospects, partners and employees.

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Drupal, the Cloud and Security

You've heard all the great things about launching your website in the Cloud -- elastic resources that respond to traffic variability, scalable data storage, reduced human and capital costs and the list goes on. But is it secure? Many today have outstanding questions about data integrity, encryption, user authentication, compliance, and disaster recovery.

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How Cloud PaaS Can Improve Performance

How Cloud PaaS Can Improve Performance while Reducing Operational Costs

As IT organizations increasingly face the challenges of managing the complexity of delivering superior application performance and reliability across a disparate range of technology and deployment environments, the Cloud has emerged as a cost-effective means to build virtual data centers. But Infrastructure platforms like Amazon Web Services don't preclude companies from needing experienced systems administrators to build and manage their applications.

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Managing Web Content in the Cloud with Drupal

How can you best manage your web content in the cloud? Why should you choose Drupal as your platform for web content management? It’s essential to focus on your content infrastructure, your customers’ expectations, and how you effectively satisfy them.

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