How to Improve Your Digital Governance

Without a well-defined governance approach, creating new digital customer experiences can become a distraction, or worse, a huge time [suck]. Aligning your IT strategy with your organization’s marketing needs will free up IT time to focus on business-critical applications.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory enables you to develop a digital governance methodology that meets the needs of both IT and Marketing. Say goodbye to disjointed processes and seemingly endless digital project roadblocks.

In this webinar, we will review how you can use Acquia Cloud Site Factory to:

  • Take advantage of a repeatable delivery platform to ensure predictable performance & digital governance
  • Enable brand managers to build new product & campaign sites faster than ever before
  • Quickly integrate all your digital marketing tools to drive business results
  • Make every site responsive out of the box
  • Streamline processes by clarifying user roles and responsibilities

Give your marketing team the agility and freedom they need to connect with digital consumers by empowering them to own self-service site creation. IT can step out of the way, knowing that sites created through Acquia Cloud Site Factory are secure and reliable.