The Future of Search and SEO: How to Make your Drupal Data Easily Understandable By Search Engines

There’s a new approach to explaining the world of Search in the Drupal ecosystem. In this webinar, we will review what search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! are using to better understand the content on your site, and improve the online search experience.

This basic principle of this new technology moves away from a web composed of keywords and shifts to a smarter, more intuitive way of representing information found on the web. For example, the Knowledge Graph is how Google indexes the information it finds on the web. However, the new Innovation lies in the ability to match concepts and entities from a search query to entities in the knowledge graph, instead of simply matching keywords from the search query to the web index.

We will demo how to setup a Drupal site with metadata to build your search snippets and with Faceted Search inspired from the metadata. We will also look at multi-site search from Drupal and non-Drupal data sources. The demo is proof of concept, but is within the realm of possible implementations if you’d want to set up this technology today.

We will show you how to:

  • Setup a Drupal site with metadata
  • Leverage this new approach for your own Solr-powered search tools
  • Benefit from configuring metadata on your own site