Create a Scalable Mobile Media Site with Drupal and MongoDB

Create a Scalable Mobile Media Site with Drupal and MongoDB

Creating a great mobile web site featuring images requires the right infrastructure to support success. A mobile media site with millions of images means storing those images and their associated metadata, and being able to search across such a large repository in order to retrieve images.

Drupal can be integrated with MongoDB’s NoSQL Database to successfully store and search such content in a centralized and massively scalable repository.

Join Yash Badiani, the Big Data practice lead at CIGNEX Datamatics, and Gaurav Khambhala, senior member of CIGNEX’s PHP practice, as they review a site developed in Drupal that stores millions of digital photos with metadata in MongoDB. The site provides seamless features to create and manage albums, extract and store metadata, and features advanced search across a large repository for retrieval of images.

In this webinar, Yash and Gaurav will review:

  • Requirements and challenges of building a mobile media site
  • The advantages of using Drupal and MongoDB
  • A demo of the integrated solution
  • The benefits of a Drupal and MongoDB integration