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How to Migrate from .NET to Drupal [November 13, 2013]

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In today’s ever-changing marketplace, maintaining a competitive advantage is paramount to an organization's success and growth. So why do so many organizations stay with CMS platforms that aren’t scalable and flexible enough to adapt to those demands? Don’t let .NET slow you down, migrate to Drupal and get more by spending less.

Join Acquia and DOOR3 for an informative webinar on why migrating to Drupal CMS provides the flexibility and ROI your organization desires. With a strong practice around both .NET and open source (and Drupal), we understand all of the pros, cons and realities when it comes to CMS migrations. You'll hear an informative discussion on why this is the last move you’ll ever have to make.

In this webinar, you will learn about:
• The ROI of Drupal vs .NET
• The ease of migrating content
• Platform agility and innovation features and functionality
• The ease of use with best of breed tool sets
• Taxonomy superiority

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Mittwoch, 13. November 2013 Uhr