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Michael Krause

Vice President, Customer Solutions
Acquia, Inc.

Michael Krause brings the value and understanding of software engineering via his computer science background with positions like Software Design Engineer/Project Lead on the Microsoft .Net Framework team to complex Executive Business and Team Leadership with experience recruiting and developing cross/mutli-functional teams at Corporate, Divisional and program/project levels. Michael is an advocate of open and transparent agile solution development approaches like Scrum, he’s actually played rugby and really gets it! In addition Michael has played a key role in customer engagements resulting in multimillion dollar contracts and/or contract extensions. While providing technical and business strategy for federal proposals Michael was the owner of a 12 billion dollar IDIQ vehicle proposal submission, his technical volume passed all the federal agency gate reviews successfully. Michael believes in results over documentation, people over process and consensus over authority. People are the greatest resource any organization contains. “True change needs to be embraced, not forced - only then can goals be met, communication enhanced, consensus built, and profitability attained” He believes this is true within and across organizations, partnerships and customer communities. Michael is a family man, him and his wife Sheree have 5 amazing kids ages 14 to 21(Izzy, Breena, Jake, Josh & Bekah) and a brand new grandson (Sean). Michael was born in Los Angeles and raised in the northwest. He loves the outdoors, camping, hiking and mountain biking. After 6 years in the DC area Michael is very excited to partner with Acquia and join the Portland team!