Jakob Perry

Sr. Software Engineer, Distributions
Acquia, Inc.

Jakob has been drawn into the world of Drupal since 2005, when spreadfirefox was using drupal 4.5. He's worked in various roles, rolling out Postgres support for Ubercart in Drupal 5, to migrating Drupal 6 sites and taking on the co-maintainer role for Conference Organizing Distribution with Ezra Barnett-Gildesgame. He joined Acquia as a Technical Account Manager, helping solve some of Drupal's more interesting problems.

Aside from drupal, Jakob has been tinkering with Linux distros, php, and mysql since 1999, he's been an organizer for Linuxfest Northwest, and an advocate for using open source technology in schools and startups. More recently, he has been involved with implementing MongoDB on Drupal sites, recently converting 10gen.com from a python based custom site to Drupal on MongoDB. He loves scrum and has a love-hate relationship with JIRA.

Outside of technology, Jakob can be found outdoors, on some mountain 4-wheeling, sking or mtn biking. He loves to scare people by going up crazy rocks in a vehicle that looks like its ready to take on the zombie apocalypse.

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