Erica Ligeski

Marketing Engineer
Acquia, Inc.

Erica Ligeski has a background in performing arts and non-profit arts management. As the former Technology Manager for the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, Erica was given the task of choosing a direction for an overhaul of a very outdated website. She chose Drupal 6 and dove in head first with little background in back end build or front end design. A month later she launched the Boston Philharmonic website, which two years later she continues to update, improve and modify. Since building the BPO website, she ventured over to Drupal Gardens building a site for Revive Dance Xchange, a local privately owned dance studio, and a site for Lucy Alert, a Boston-based network of dog lovers with a goal of reuniting lost dogs with their owners. Erica was part of the first Acquia U program, and is now a Marketing Engineer at Acquia. In addition to loving gadgets and learning new software, Erica dances with Urbanity Dance, a contemporary dance company in Boston. She also has two rescued dogs, Stella and Comet.