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Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2014 Uhr bis Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014 Uhr
Standort: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We're proud to be a sponsor at Digital Pharma East 2014!

Stay ahead of the curve with one of the leading Pharma events that captures the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the East Coast Life Sciences community. Digital Pharma East will bring together Life Sciences and Healthcare thought-leaders from across the industry to go beyond the tactics (website, app, and social media) and address the needs of the digital professionals.

In this webinar we’ll show how PhpStorm can help Drupal 8 Developers become more productive, writing reliable and readable code more quickly than ever before. Learn how developing with PhpStorm’s powerful Drupal support and open source collaboration tools can significantly ease development and code review by conforming to Drupal’s Coding Standards and leveraging on-the-fly code analysis.

Planning to make the switch to Drupal? Entertaining the idea of moving to Drupal? Not sure what is involved in moving and migrating a CMS? This webinar is for you.

Promet Source's super-smart part-Scrum Master and part-Chief Technology Officer will be joined by Promet's entertainingly businessy (less-technical) Marketing Manager. Johnnie Fox and Maggie Graham (respectively) will introduce you to that which is involved in the great metamorphosis: Switching to Drupal!

Security is a shared responsibility. Infrastructure providers, platform providers, website creators and maintainers, and the open source community (which powers most of the Internet), must work together to keep sites secure. And with the onslaught of vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed, Xen, and Shellshock, website security has become a concern of paramount importance for IT professionals.

Join us for a webinar where we’ll review the top strategies for keeping your site secure. You will learn about:

Donnerstag, 6. November 2014 Uhr bis Sonntag, 9. November 2014 Uhr
Standort: San Francisco, California

We're proud to be a top sponsor, speaking and hiring at BADCamp this year!

The Bay Area Drupal Camp is a gathering of like-minded people to discuss and learn about Drupal, an open-source content management system that is powering more of the web every year. In its 8th year, BADCamp provides four days of training, summits, sprints, sessions, BOFs, networking, career opportunities and more!

Don't miss our sessions:

94% of digital professionals consider personalization “critical to current and future success.” Everyone is talking about personalization, but very few are executing on it! Together, we can change this.

Join us for a webinar to discuss how we can work together to satisfy the market’s demand for personalization, including:

Dienstag, 11. November 2014 Uhr bis Freitag, 14. November 2014 Uhr
Standort: Las Vegas, Nevada

Join us at AWS re:Invent, the largest gathering of the Amazon Web Service community, which is taking place at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. The event will feature keynote, industry leaders, customer experts, AWS partners and executives, and 200+ technical sessions covering architecture, operations, security, and more.