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Announcing Our Partnership with NetSuite

In most enterprises today, the web is broken.

What started out 10 years ago as a handful of web sites has now exploded into dozens or even hundreds of digital experiences delivered across a plethora of devices. Many of these experiences are built on an array of products, are disconnected from each other, and are becoming increasingly costly to maintain. As businesses have gone digital, most are connected to a diversity of back-end systems for customer support, account management, commerce, finance, etc. The “ball of yarn” connecting these systems is overwhelming. The scariest part of all of this is that – with the bar set by companies like Apple – customers are demanding an integrated experience across all of these touchpoints, and are defecting to brands who can deliver that.

We have long believed that Drupal is the answer to much of this problem. Only Drupal can deliver a single platform that seamlessly delivers content, social, and transaction experiences across a multitude of sites and devices. But the front-end experience is not enough. To power a truly digital business, your internal systems need to work just as seamlessly together and connect into that front end.

Earlier today at the SuiteWorld conference in San Francisco, we announced a new partnership with NetSuite to solve just that. We are partnering to combine the power and flexibility of Drupal for content, community, and commerce experiences with NetSuite’s market-leading SaaS ERP and CRM platforms. It will now be easier than ever for organizations to build truly captivating web experiences that are both tightly connected to how they run their businesses everyday, as well as recognize and connect intimately with their customer whenever and whenever they choose to interact along the customer journey. For IT departments, this combined solution will drive dramatic cost reduction across both development and deployment environments organizations implement the combined platform of SaaS based systems.

This partnership will give organizations the power to gather rich customer and prospect data in order to engage more deeply with specific users, while providing them with the freedom to create and develop whatever experiences they can imagine.

These platforms will come together over the course of 2012 by offering connectors to NetSuite’s tools. Joint customers will benefit in a number of unique ways including the ability to:

  1. Deliver closed-loop programs that go from awareness, to consideration, through to purchase and retention.
  2. Create new Social CRM experiences to enable improved support, customer self-servicing, and loyalty
  3. Deploy content-rich and social experiences that seamlessly connect to order processing, management, and payments systems.

More specifically, Acquia will be releasing integrations with NetSuite's full product offering to deliver:

  • CRM-enabled content experiences in Drupal Gardens: allowing customers to quickly spin up corporate, marketing, and product sites in Drupal that are connected into NetSuite's lead capture and marketing automation features.
  • Social CRM with Drupal Commons: leveraging the rich customer data found inside of NetSuite to both track customers across Drupal-based social communities as well as to be able to recognize them, tailor the experience, and reward them during their interactions.
  • Connectors to Drupal to enable Content-rich and Social Shopping Experiences: making it easier for customers to plug NetSuite's commerce back-end capabilities into beautiful, immersive, and social sites and apps built on Drupal, allowing for integrated shopping experiences across digital and traditional channels.

The "free as in freedom" nature and rapid innovation that can only be found in Drupal as a vibrant open source project, combined with NetSuite’s amazing integrated back-office tools provides a best of breed customer engagement platform that no one else can match. Even more, Acquia and NetSuite’s shared model of delivering these experiences through the cloud in SaaS and PaaS deployments means it’s amazingly fast and simple for an organization to get started fast and start seeing results immediately.

We are very excited about this partnership and the amazing things we can do for customers working together. You can expect detailed updates as these integration points become available later this summer. In the mean time, if you would like to be an early customer of these integrations, please contact us.

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