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Acquia selected as Finalist for 2008 MITX Technology Awards

2008 Tech Awards Finalist.jpgAcquia has been selected as a finalist in the Collaboration and Social Networking category for the 2008 MITX Technology Awards. This is the fifth year MITX has offered the awards to recognize innovative companies and technologies in the New England region across nine categories:

  • Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Collaboration & Social Networking
  • Content Management & Search
  • Data Management
  • Data Protection
  • Enterprise Technologies
  • Marketing/Customer
  • Relationship Technologies
  • Mobile
  • Video

The selection process included a wide-ranging questionnaire and then a 10 minute presentation to a panel of judges. Jay and Barry presented a slightly tweaked version of our Web 2.0 Expo Launch Pad pitch. And, despite some hardware glitches, the pitch went well.

Winners will be announced on June 3rd at the annual MITX awards dinner.


Posted on by Anonymous (not verified).

Good job guys - everyone likes the *idea and potential* of Acquia. Now go accomplish something. :-)

Posted on by Charles (not verified).

I hope you win. Drupal is an outstanding product and I'm sure Acquia will be a success. After having our site on a template provider that cost thousands of dollars, we switched to Drupal. I only wish I had made the switch a lot sooner.

Posted on by Anonymous (not verified).

When you apply for a contest like this, do they get a sneak preview of Carbon? If so, I'm jealous, I can't wait to try it out!!

If not, and Acquia submits Drupal (core), how do they determine on whose behalf to award this to?