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50 Drupal Newspaper and magazine showcase video from Newstools 2008

Last week I helped organize Drupal day at Newstools 2008. At our peak, we had 65 journalist in the room and 35 watching online. We had several presentations:
* Introducing Drupal for Newspapers
* Showcase video (shown below)
* Jose Zamora on the Knight Drupal initiative
* Neil Drumm's presentation of mashing-up congressional voting records with campaign donations
* Mark Burdett presented his work on integrating Drupal with video hosted at archive.org and mobile video
* Neil Drumm and myself talking about security and why it's helpful to use a framework like Drupal that provides reviews and tools to avoid common security mistakes.
* Benjamin Melacon and Neil Drumm on installing Drupal 6
* Daniel Meredith from Google News

I think Drupal day was a big hit and a lot of journalists were able to see that they could use open source software to build an online newspaper with Drupal.

Drupal Rocks Newspaper and Journalism Websites from Drupal Rocks on Vimeo.

I am working on polishing up my "Newspapers on Drupal" slide deck. If you'd like a preview, and would be willing to provide some feedback please let me know. I hope to get it finalized this week.


Posted on by Jean-Baptiste Ingold (not verified).

I would to have a preview and provide some feedback on your slide “Newspapers on Drupal”.

You may want to include on your Drupal Rocks slide http://voyages.liberation.fr and http://next.liberation.fr to subsite of a French Daily newspaper.

I was involved in project management for the first one.

Also in France you have http://observers.france24.com and http://www.france24.com with 4 millions users a month.

Posted on by Itangalo (not verified).

Here are a few general comments - I've sent some more detailed comments in an e-mail.

* Great idea - the slideshow will be useful for many, including me. Thanks!
* Not all presented sites are newspaper or journalism websites.
* If possible (but it probably isn't), it would be useful to click the slideshow to go to the site presented at that frame. If not, a list of presented sites (in order) might be useful. (I felt the urge to have a closer look at a few of the sites, and presumably I'm not the only one.)
* The change-slide effect (flying image) becomes annoying after 10-20 slides. I would prefer something less attention-seeking.
* The time for presenting each slide is fine, eventhough the entire slideshow is a bit long.

Posted on by Kieran Lal.

We will post the slides on slideshare so you can get access to each in detail.

Posted on by Itangalo (not verified).

I mistook this slideshow for anotherone, which I was going to review. Just disregard my comments if you find them too harsh/ungrateful, and do whatever with them if you find them useful.

Posted on by RyanShrout (not verified).

I would really like to help you with your slides presentation as we are working on building a new newspaper/review website using Drupal 6. I think building a site while viewing this information could really help us both as I'd be able to provide good feedback during the process.

Posted on by sooz (not verified).

I've been working with Kieran on the slideshows. I'm making updates to both the Newspaper and Journalism showcase slideshow and the overall Drupal showcase slideshow.

If anyone wants to use the screenshots, they are all over on this spot at Skitch:


(The original use for these slideshows were for display on a big screen at conferences/tradeshows.)

Posted on by kreynen (not verified).

Unfortunately UNR's Reynolds School of Journalism dropped Drupal. When the server is running, you can see they've devolved OurTahoe.org into little more than a WordPress site that uses SoundSlides for multimedia. Not sure you want to include that site in your slideshow.