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Drupal 6: Hot new themes

This video highlights the new theming features of Drupal 6. The themes, Pixture, Wabi, and Twilight, are the work of Hide Ito (Pixture), and utilize not only the Farbtastic color picker, but also the ability to adjust the width of the layout, and in the case of Twilight, a configurable header silhouette.

UPDATE: The process of configuring recolorable themes is described very well at Pixture Studios.


Posted on by Ryan (not verified).

Thanks for the post, Robert! I would've totally missed Pixture... I love this theme! The orange scheme will go great w/ Ubercart.org if I ever find the time to tidy up our humble homepage. : )

Posted on by tjholowaychuk (not verified).

Its great that they use the color module, but I would hardly call these 'hot' themes :P

Posted on by Elvis McNeely (not verified).

Thanks Rob for the demo. I like the logo change that Twilight gives. It would be cool to see a demo of how to create a Drupal theme with these kinds of features, including a "how to" for the png file.

Sometime back in IRC Kieran and I were talking about getting more folks involved into the Drupal theming side of things, I was comparing Drupal theme activity to the number Wordpress themes and themers. Kieran went on to mentione he had a conversation with WordPress owner (is his name Matt?) sometime back and Matt asked what will be the big thing for Drupal in 2008, and Kieran answered theming. I chuckled because this was a weak point for Drupal (some 5-6 months ago). Seeing this (demo), theme developer module, new Drupal 6 theming changes, and all the work going on for Drupal 7 encourages me. It looks like Kieran might have made an accurate predication!

Posted on by Drupal Theme Garden (not verified).

Robert, thanks for the demo.
It's quite rare to see themes using color module, so they could easily be called "hot".

Posted on by elv (not verified).

Wow! Incredible. I've been a fan of Hide Ito's icons since the OS 8 days :) The boxes from the "tea icons" set have been my HD icons until just a month ago (Yeah they would look kinda odd in Leopard, I'll have to find new ones)

Posted on by xenon (not verified).

Super! Thanks, Robert!

Posted on by webnucleo (not verified).

Hi, Thanks for the demos.
This themes by Pixture are great and I think are good to promote Drupal.

Posted on by Anonymous (not verified).

Wabi looks mean

Posted on by Adrian Rama (not verified).

I'm learning now how to use drupal and an really excited to see this feature available. Thanks for the update.

Posted on by drizzi (not verified).

hi guys,

does anyone know what's going on with pixture studio's? all entries there are outdated and support questions are not answered.

best regards from germany