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Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs...

For fans of one of the greatest action classics of all time, Die Hard, you'll remember East coast cop John McClane's sarcastic description of his invitation to come out to the west coast after he gets trapped in a building full of thieves.

This week Jeff, Bryan, and Barry from Acquia's Boston HQ will be here in San Francisco for Web 2.0. They won't be facing off against Eastern European safe crackers and corporate executive kidnappers. They'll be competing against six other start-ups for Launch Pad Web 2.0. The panel of venture capitalists will be offering real-time feedback during their five minute pitch; hopefully they won't have a gong. They'll also be presenting in front of an enormous audience of fellow Web 2.0 innovators. It's a tough crowd of cynical innovators and entrepreneurs, who are just as keen to say they saw the hot thing first as they are to dismiss it.

Jay, Barry, Bryan, Dries, and Jeff have been preparing this demo for a couple of weeks now. I am confident they will do an awesome job.

As you can tell by now, I won't be on stage giving the demo. I'll be in the audience cheering them on.

But as fans of Die Hard know, keep your shoes on, your flash bangs handy, your tough East coast wit ready to counter those Silicon Valley barbs, and most importantly, know where the emergency exits are.

Good luck guys, welcome to the valley.


Posted on by Tom Geller (not verified).

I didn't see you folks on the exhibitor list. Will you be exhibiting? Will you be available in any other ways?

Posted on by jwhatcott Whatcott.

We're not exhibiting, but you can find my whereabouts throughout the conference via twitter (jwhatcott). Or come by the Launch Pad session and find us there.

Posted on by Tom Geller (not verified).

Thanks! I'm not crazy about Twitter, but maybe I'll use this as an opportunity to force me to Get Used To It. :)

Posted on by Dmitri (not verified).

Are you guys going to be able to make it to the Berkeley Drupal Users Group?

You can find it at http://drupal.citris-uc.org/ – it's on Thursday, the 24th, at Noon until 1:30PM.