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Shining the light on Acquia and Drupal

Things are cooking here at Acquia - with lots happening to spread the word about Acquia and Drupal.

First - Dries was named one of Tech’s best young entrepreneur’s today by Businessweek.com. It’s a good piece & Dries got great billing in the article. Congratulations, Dries - well deserved .

Next in the exciting news category, last week, we learned Acquia was one of six companies chosen to present at the Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco.

Selection for Launch Pad is a great honor - more than 150 companies submitted applications - and a tremendous opportunity to showcase Drupal to the 10,000 attendees at the Web 2.0 Expo. Barry, Jeff, and I have been heads down all week building a five minute presentation and demo that highlights all the goodness of Drupal and explains what Acquia does. You may have seen Barry’s post last week about building the coolest 3 minute drupal demo - thanks to those who offered comments.

The Launch Pad session is next Thursday, April 24th at 1:30pm Pacific. If you are attending Web 2.0 Expo or the free Finally, Acquia has also been named a Red Herring 100 North America Finalist, recognizing Acquia as one of the leading 200 private technology companies in NA. This is another great mechanism to raise visibility for Drupal and Acquia - working towards our goal of increasing the Drupal community by 10x. Red Herring will announce the winners at Red Herring North America in San Jose, California on May 12-14th.


Posted on by John Forsythe (not verified).

Congrats to Dries and Acquia, it's good to see Drupal continuing to lead the field.