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Integrating Drupal and Native Applications The Story of the Elle Decor LookBook App [July 10, 2012]

Integrating Drupal and Native Applications The Story of the Elle Decor LookBook App [July 10, 2012]

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Drupal has been providing a full frontend/backend solution for web application development for many years now. However, things are changing very rapidly in the world of web development. The concept of building a full web based application server side, where the UI is built with a combination of PHP/HTML/CSS is going the way of the dinosaur. Taking its place are rich client side applications, written in either HTML5 (javascript) or native code (iOS/Android).

One of the major developments driving this change is the explosion of smartphone devices. Due to the low power of these devices compared with classic desktop systems, building applications natively provides a significant boost in terms of performance and responsiveness, as well as allows for full access to the device’s features (like camera, phone, gps, etc).

Join Acquia and our partner Appnovation for this upcoming webinar and hear how Appnovation has leveraged Drupal as a backend when they built the recently released Elle Décor LookBook app. The Elle Décor LookBook app is a native iOS application where the UI and most of the business logic resides completely client side, while the backend, API, and the dynamic sharing websites were all developed in Drupal.
In this webinar attendees will learn about:
• How Elle Décor improved flexibility and shortened their time-to-market
• Tactics used for developing and implementing the Elle Décor LookBook app
• Key advantages of Drupal as a backend, scalable platform
• Benefits of developing and hosting with Acquia Dev Cloud

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012