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Acquia launch round up: looking back on a big day

I spent most of the day yesterday reading and participating in Drupal.org threads, blog posts, press articles, forum threads, Twitter feeds, and IRC transcripts of full of conversation about our new product and service offerings.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Press Articles

  • SitePoint: "This is definitely a big move in the open source world of Drupal. I think it is a great move. They have taken some of the best modules already available, mixed in some new things and are realising a version
    of Drupal that should be much more usable to non tech geeks."
  • Download Squad: "The real power of Acquia Drupal for businesses is in its commercial support. When I'm developing websites for clients, I always have to keep future tech support in mind. If I'm not going to be providing future support, I need to make sure that they can get support quickly and easily somewhere else."
  • Information Week: "For organizations running Drupal 6, giving the Acquia Network a try seems about as close to a no-brainer as you can get. And for those people considering giving Drupal a try, this makes an already solid platform even stronger."
  • Mashable: "With the release of Acquia Drupal with its streamlined packaging of Drupal and a support system via the Acquia Network, there will definitely be a tremendous increase in Drupal developers and websites powered by this Drupal."
  • CNET: "In other words, there's still an open world of community-supported Drupal for those that value cash over time and other resources. But for those that wouldn't mind a shortcut to Drupal-based productivity, there's Acquia Drupal."

Personal Blog Buzz (just a sampling of many)

  • Alexandru Baidu: "Overall I like it and I'm excited of what this could mean for the entire Drupal ecosystem."
  • Isriya Paireepairit: "While Both Acquia Drupal and Acquia Network are still not perfect, they look promising."
  • Michael Circe: "This is pretty exciting news especially since I use Drupal for my classroom website!"
  • Martin Sauter: "Man kann Drupal weiterhin nach den Spielregeln der GNU General Public Licence kostenlos nutzen und sich dabei auf freiwilliger Basis von der Community helfen lassen - man kann nun aber auch bei Acquia gegen Bares professionellen Support buchen." (see translated version here)

Twitter Chatter (just a sampling of many)

  • fighella: that drupal acquia is pretty cool... im diggin it!
  • alejandro_garza: Acquia drupal rocks! Finally, lots of modules installed by default =) http://acquia.com
  • DamienMcKenna: @markkrupinski Drupal is pretty awesome, and the new Acquia Drupal release gives it a definite boost
  • ybpguide: @acquia setup was seamless so far. just upgraded my site over at http://brightplum.com. need to update my theme, views to v6 now.
  • apoorv: Acquia seems impressive. Maybe it will be easier now to have a drupal front end with a more enterprise level ECM using CMIS.

The release of Acquia Drupal is the fourteenth major product announcement I've done, and it has been one of the most exciting yet.  The tools for communicating with the market and the press and for monitoring how the message is being heard are so much more sophisticated these days.  It's invigorating and empowering to be able to spot and attempt to correct misunderstandings in near real-time.  Being able to comment on a blogs and press articles, jump in on IRC threads and publicly reply on twitter really makes a marketer's job easier.

That's not to say that things have been perfect.  Some people harbor deep skepticism of well-funded, well-organized capitalist ventures like Acquia.  A handful of anonymous naysayers have been aggressively working to burn the comic book villain image of Acquia that they've created in their own minds.  While that makes me sad sometimes, I am confident that the little stormlets here and there will pass quickly now that our products and services are out in the open for all to see, touch, and use.  And if the stormlets don't pass quickly, you can bet we'll take hard look at what we're doing and adjust our course accordingly.  We want more people to be more happy with the goodness of Drupal, and we're committed to building a business that does that in harmony with our fellow community members.  Peace.


Posted on by Matt Hilery (not verified).

congrats, can't wait to see what happens.

Posted on by wmostrey (not verified).

You seem to have forgotten CMSWire which also did a small interview with Bryan House: Acquia's Carbon Renamed to Confuse Drupal Community? The article and its comments (in which Kieran Lal participates) offer interesting critique, which is certainly worth mentioning.

Posted on by jwhatcott Whatcott.

Yeah, that one wasn't one my favorites. It has a some good info, but in a grab for the headlines, the reporter goes out of his way to create controversy, and I don't respect that.

Posted on by mjasay (not verified).

Be sure to work with the CMS Wire folks, though, as they generally do good work (CMS Watch, too).

Regardless, to the point in your post, you guys are doing great things. There will always be critics but they're the vocal minority.

Posted on by Christine Graf.