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Hello There. Seeking Support experts for Andover office

I joined Acquia in June with a mission to develop a responsive and knowledgeable support team. To that end, I’m looking to fill initial positions with enthusiastic, overqualified individuals who will not only provide great customer support but who will help build our support delivery infrastructure (integrated CRM/voice/chat; knowledge management, internal training, etc). It’s a great opportunity to make a difference. If you're already sold, click here to apply or click here to refer someone else to qualify for a referral bonus of up to $2,500. The rest of you should read on.

Finding the right people is crucial for us. I’m currently looking for expert Drupalists and Drupalistas to join our office here in Andover, Massachusetts. We will likely have a world-wide distributed support team over time but at this point my strong preference is to locate as much of the team as possible in Andover. It’s easier to manage a team locally during the formative stages and people learn a bit faster from each other when in close proximity. For the right person, we will consider relocation.

I know what it takes to develop a support organization, but Drupal and the Drupal community are relatively new to me. So I’ve been quietly (though feverishly) absorbing the Drupalsphere ethos while interviewing candidates and building infrastructure (alongside all the good work being done by my colleagues in Engineering, Marketing, Sales, and Professional Services.

So what are my impressions so far? It’s obvious what all the excitement is all about. Drupal rocks, Dries rocks, and the Community rocks with its incredible commitment and diversity. It’s living proof that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Drupal is clearly part of something big that’s changing how people relate to each other around the world forever. How deeply refreshing.

I’ll be wearing two hats for quite a while. A new hat as Drupal noob on the path of discovery, and a worn-in hat as service delivery pro on the hook for assembling the people and systems to deliver responsive, effective support.

You may ask, how can I possibly put together an effective support team if I’m not yet a Drupal expert? It's a good question. I believe that the principles of providing effective support are as universal as the principles for building and leading effective teams. Dries and our engineers help determine the breadth and depth of a Support candidate’s technical skill through the interview process and I probe for evidence of the non-technical dimension that I like to call "support DNA."

I also believe that my Drupal “newness” is an advantage because it helps me view Drupal from the perspective of the least experienced of our customers. I've found it is not so easy to get started if you are not already steeped in the Drupal lore, and I will continue to advocate for people in this position as I work with our engineering team. I’m a good test subject at the moment but these “fresh eyes” are perishable and it will be important for us to find ways to keep this perspective. Jeff Noyes’ relates similar ideas in his recent post on the topic.

Our support offerings are designed for the full range of customers - from struggling neophyte to guru on a deadline and everyone in between. And that brings me back to my immediate quest. We’re looking for a few overqualified, expert Drupalists and Drupalistas to rock our Support team in Andover. Is that you? Apply here to find out. Know someone? Please tell us about them here.

In the meantime, I’ll continue with my Drupal infusion and I hope to see some of you at Szeged 2008.


Posted on by Anonymous (not verified).

Misleading heading - you're looking for people local to Andover, MA; as opposed to local-to-wherever-you-are ;)

Posted on by Kent Gale.

Good point. Title changed.

Posted on by eigentor (not verified).


Are you into the thought of making the support multi-lingual in the long run? I know, this would be a hard choice - which languages to include. French, Spanish, Chinese (and hopefully german ;) ) might be a good choice to start with.

This might add a different perspective to Job interviews...

Posted on by Kent Gale.

Yes, we will offer multi-lingual support at some point in the future, and it would certainly be a plus if a candidate for our Andover office were multi-lingual. In the long run I anticipate having a distributed support team offering in-country, local language support.

Posted on by Kenn.Swinehart (not verified).

Having had the opportunity to go through the interview process myself. I can speak from experience that all those at Acquia are fine people. During my visit to Andover I had the pleasure of meeting Jay, Dries, Jeff, Barry, Chuck, Kent and Linda. Very, very genuine people and very excited about what they're doing at Acquia.

Anyone who's considering a position at Acquia, I encourage you to follow through and meet these awesome individuals doing awesome things.