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Acquia Expanding to Europe

Ever since Dries co-founded Acquia, having a commercial presence in Europe has been an oft discussed topic inside the company. We do have European customers today, and we have Europe based team members in our technical teams, but we have not had multi-language sales and support teams based in Europe.

That’s all about to change.

We announced at Drupalcon Copenhagen that we were expanding to Europe in 2011. I recently returned from a 10 day trip across the pond to finalize more pieces of our plan. I spent a couple days with a number of other open source execs in Barcelona, discussing business models, go to market plans and more. We managed to slot in a lot of great food and wine as well. Thanks Manel & Matt!

I also visited partners and Drupal users in England and France. I knew the market was well established in Europe, after all Drupal was born there, but I was very impressed at what and how much is being done with it. Complete social CRM systems with 360 degree views of the consumer. Community sites, e-commerce sites, government portals and more. Oh, and a celebrity site or two.

I finished off the trip with a meeting of the leaders of several European Drupal agencies in Brussels. Deemed the DrupalCXO conference by organizer Kristof van Tomme, there were several discussions on how the Drupal community can cooperate in areas beyond code, from marketing to recruitment to joint bids. I walked away feeling very good about the growth and capabilities of the Drupal ecosystem in Europe, and very excited about Acquia can help accelerate that growth. Acquia has a lot of work to do to help our potential partners in Europe better understand what we do, but given our success in North America in the past couple of years, I’m pretty optimistic about achieving that.

We need to get started right away on building our team, though. Effective immediately we’re looking for inside sales reps, client advisers and technical consultants. Check out our careers page for more info on these positions. If you’re a European services organization and would like to learn more about partnering with Acquia to expand your business, check out our partners page.

We're excited about our formal move to Europe and are looking forward to many more Drupal success stories there.


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