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Drupal training comes to DC!

Our CEO, Tom Erickson, announced right around the time of Drupalcon, that I was joining Acquia to fulfill a goal of ours - to provide Drupal education on a scalable, global basis.

We're very excited to announce an offering that we've been working on for some time now with our partners at Chapter Three and Carahsoft - Drupal Training in the Washington, DC area. With Drupal becoming a core platform for supporting President Obama's Open Government Directive and the demand on Drupal talent to support customer projects in the DC area, we feel that a "Drupal in a Day" class and "Drupal for Site Builders" class will be highly relevant.

Drupal in a Day $410 * gov't discount available book now
Date: Monday, June 28, 2010
Time: 9:00AM EDT - 4:00PM EDT
Location: MicroTek, 1101 Vermont Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20005

Drupal in a Day will be an overview of creating a Drupal site from start to finish. Participants will start with a blank website and, already having seen the final site, will start with adding and managing users, creating user profiles, adding custom content and managing that content (including turning on and off comments, or setting comments to read-only). Participants will then create custom content types and look at Views to display this content in various parts throughput the site including creating custom blocks and custom list pages such as a blogroll or last five images added or latest blog posts added to the site. (more info)

Drupal for Site Builders $820 * gov't discount available book now
Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 and Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Time: 9:00AM EDT - 4:00PM EDT
Location: MicroTek, 1101 Vermont Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20005

Drupal for Site Builders is a 2-day, in-depth extension to the first course. This course is designed both for users with no Drupal experience, and for those who are familiar with Drupal and want to expand their knowledge, digging deeper into their sites. The course provides in-depth discussions on Drupal’s installation process and managing users, comments, and content. Participants will also review Drupal's block system, and learn how to use taxonomy to categorize their content.

On the first day, significant time is devoted to creating new content types using the Content Construction Kit (CCK) and exploring field types, widgets, and the corresponding settings.

The second day is dedicated entirely to CCK and Views. Views is a powerful tool that is used to create custom pages, blocks, and RSS feeds on your site. Participants will finish the day by creating a photo gallery using CCK, Imagefield, and Views.

In summary - those wishing to get more familiar with Drupal, at a high level, may wish to attend the first day - but those wishing to get a level of "end to end" experience with Drupal, would benefit from attending all three days. (more info)

As well, two other Drupal shops are delivering training in DC this summer. IDCM is giving training on Drupal and Lullabot is delivering training on module development. And OSTraining is also delivering training in DC. The Drupal community pretty much has DC covered! So if you're in the area, no matter what your skills or background, there's something for you this summer.

The course is available for purchase immediately to anyone in the DC area from our partner, Carahsoft. Those wishing to attend can sign up here.

If anyone has specific questions on course curriculum, they can contact, me, Heather James at Acquia (heather.james@acquia.com).


Posted on by sirkitree (not verified).

Awesome that we can all offer these sessions. I think it is kinda funny how we are all doing them in the same area without actually coordinating with one another, lol. Here is some more info on the Drupal Module Development Deep Dive Week that Lullabot is planning.

Posted on by heather.

Heya Jerad, yep, I think so too. Uncle Sam is pointing at Drupal right now. Even with all of these offerings, I think we're only scratching the surface of the need and demand.

Good thing is, all of our offerings are unique, so there really is something for everyone.

I'm so glad Jen Lampton and Jacob Redding of Chapter Three are delivering this training. Great team they have. Just got Jacob's book on Beginning Drupal, it's so good! Clear exercises and best practices reinforcing the main concepts of Drupal. It's very hands-on, which is really what this training is all about.

Best wishes to your team for a successful event. Sounds like fun. And it's Webchick, hello!