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Drupal Gardens 6 week update

In these early days of the Drupal Gardens beta, we are adding new features, beta testers, and cloud servers around the clock. Since our last update 3 weeks ago, thousands more beta testers have been added, and they have clicked to create thousands of new Drupal Gardens web sites. And of course, being a social platform, those sites in turn are attracting their own communities. It's a lot of fun watching the garden grow.

Recently we surveyed Drupal Gardens site creators, and less than 50% of them had previously built a Drupal web site. Many had never built any website before. With so many people of various backgrounds creating and using Drupal Gardens sites, which are powered by the Drupal 7 alpha, we are making it dead-easy for Drupal 7 to be tested by thousands of people, and most don't even know they are doing it. This is one more way Acquia is contributing to the community effort to make Drupal 7 the best Drupal release ever.

Of course the Drupal Gardens beta testers aren't the only ones who are busy. We just released a new version of Drupal Gardens with the following new items:

  • All Drupal Gardens sites have been upgraded to Drupal 7 Alpha 2 which contains many improvements and fixes.
  • Site creators can can now select which features will be configured using a new template/feature selection page.
  • New theme options have been added as well as settings to control how avatars (profile pictures) can be used.
  • New overlay windows for Drupal Gardens site login and registration allow visitors to perform a single sign-on without leaving the site.
  • Support for IE7 has been added to existing support of Chrome, Safari 4.x, IE8, and Firefox 3.x
  • Starting the ThemeBuilder is now twice as fast, and closing the ThemeBuilder is also much faster.
  • A new Drupal Gardens in depth guide provides help for many site building tasks.
  • And much more, including many bug fixes beyond those in Drupal 7 Alpha 2. Of course, corresponding patches have been contributed back to drupal.org.

If you haven't received your beta code yet, please be patient, we are adding new beta testers all of the time. Thousands more invitations will go out this week and next. If you haven't signed up to get on the list for a beta code, please do so soon - first come, first served!


Posted on by Susan MacPhee (not verified).

Thanks for the updates Chris. It's great to be informed of all the details. Among the above, the faster ThemeBuilder is great.

Cheers, Susan