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Design4Drupal Stanford: User Experience Improvements in Drupal 7 presentation

Yesterday we held the second Design4Drupal event at the Stanford Law School. This was an all day event focused on Design and Drupal. I gave a talk which was a combination of two other presentations. I used:

  1. Angie Byron's, What's new in Drupal 7. I used 35 slides from that deck.
  2. Davy Van Den Bremt's Drupal 7 - What's new (from an end-user perspective) ? I also used 35 slides, mostly screen shots from that deck

Here's the PDF modified from Angie's Drupal 7 deck. Here's the PDF modified from Davy's deck. I couldn't have done this presentation without Angie and Davy's slides.

I gave a quick recap of my efforts since 2004 to help improve Drupal's user experience. I talked about my efforts at CivicSpace, FLOSS Usability sprints with Drupal, and user experience testing at UMN, and Baltimore. I then talked about the community design process and how Acquia funded Mark and Leisa to help the community work on D7UX. I also mentioned how Acquia's engineering team is working passionately to get Drupal Gardens to Beta and how that has lead to improvements in Drupal 7, along with contributed modules like the D7 Media module suite.

I received a lot of good feedback about the presentation. My favorite part of the day was helping several leaders in the Joomla Bay Area community come up to speed on Drupal for some of their new client projects. They were really impressed with the power and granularity of Drupal, and wanted to be sure that the D7UX efforts would not attempt to undo the power of Drupal and put it on par with Joomla. I have been invited to present to the Bay Area Joomla community and I am looking forward to helping Joomla users who's found Drupal too difficult to use in the past get another look at how Drupal is getting easier to use.


Posted on by Yannick Warnier.

Seem like the same PDF to me (same URL). Thanks for sharing.