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Drupal 8 Preview for Site Builders [October 23, 2013]

Drupal 8 Preview for Site Builders [October 23, 2013]

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Are you wondering what Drupal 8 holds in store for your team? If you’re a developer, you might already be learning about the new changes in the low-level architecture and how it affects your custom code. However, if you’re a site builder there are some noticeable improvements and new ways to control the configuration of your site.

Correction: The Inline images in Drupal 8 are not responsive. What you see in the presentation is special browser behavior by Google Chrome. Responsive images are possible with the Picture module as demo'd in the recorded presentation.

In this session, we will give you a preview of the important differences including the new configuration management system and new terminology in Drupal 8.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What’s new in core including new modules and fields
  • What’s gone from core such as removed modules
  • About the the introduction of Views in core
  • About the the new content editing improvements
  • About the new mobile friendly UI

Blog posts mentioned in the presentation and demo.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013