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Video demo of new Drupal Gardens theme builder features

Some of you may have seen the first Gardens video posted a couple of months ago that shows a pre-alpha version of Drupal Gardens. This new demo video shows you some of the new features we've added to give you more control over the design of your site theme. We want you to be able to design a site with a home page that looks different from interior pages. It's fine for a blog site to have the same layout on all pages, but other kinds of sites need a home page that looks different. The demo also shows the fine-grained point and click controls you have in theme creation - how you can change the style of an element site-wide or very specifically.

Take a look and let us know what you think. More videos to come. Thanks.


Posted on by Junni (not verified).

Interface looks very user-friendly, nice new feature...would love to get my hands on a testing environment.

More technical people (developers) however will still make changes in the CSS file(s) I think, but Drupal Gardens has a larger audience of course.

Keep the features coming!

Posted on by Linea Rowe.

There is an Advanced tab where you can add your own CSS. Here's a screen shot.

Thanks for watching the demo.

Posted on by Junni (not verified).

I can see the Advanced tab in the video, but I can't seem to find your attached screenshot.

UPDATE: screenshot link is now active. Thanks!

Posted on by mwoodwar (not verified).

Some sort of sandbox would indeed be welcome. The video is nice, but actually playing with it would be more enlightening?


Posted on by Junni (not verified).

This week a few testing slots were available. I hope to get a slot filled in the future invitations :)

Posted on by Linea Rowe.

We'll make sure our Designer knows that you're interested. btw, I added a link to the Advanced tab screenshot.

Posted on by Cx (not verified).

The target styling feature is awesome. I am a fan of the "All blocks" text when describing a CSS style that repeats. Good job!

Posted on by Linea Rowe.

Thanks Chris. The target styling feature was a tough one to implement from both the UI and technical standpoint, but we kept pushing to get it right since people are going to need it.

Posted on by tgeller (not verified).

What Chris said. :) I can't wait to try this out... and then poke through the CSS it creates. Will that be possible?

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Posted on by hagzag (not verified).

Can't wait to try it out myself.

Posted on by mirandakiehl (not verified).

Although it looks sophisticated, I cant wait to try it out and customize my Drupal 7 site. When are you releasing the Drupal Gardens theme builder on drupal.org?

Miranda Kiehl

Posted on by Linea Rowe.

Hi Miranda,
If you haven't already, join the list on Drupalgardens.com and you'll get an invitation to the Drupal Gardens beta next month.