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How to Configure Solr Search on Your Site [August 27, 2013]

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A site with good content is only as good as the users ability to find the content. A great search experience is crucial to providing the exact content your customers are looking for. When setting up a search experience on Drupal it is important to pick the best combination of modules and properly configure them to deliver highly relevant search results.

In this webinar, we will give you a full overview of how to add search functionality to a content packed Drupal site. We’ll demo how to setup Solr search as well as implement faceted search. We will get you hooked up with the absolute essential modules to let your users have the search experience they have always wanted.

We’ll will also cover:
• What Apache Solr is and why and when to use it
• We will compare Apache Solr Search Integration and Search API Solr
• Creating an initial search page and ensuring correct indexing
• Enabling Facet API and adding and configuring relevancy
• Customizing the display of your search results

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013