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Webinar: Search Engine Optimization for the Drupal.org redesign

Webinar to educate implementers about drupal.org SEO

Next Wednesday, Dec 9th, at 12PM EST we will be hosting a webinar to help educate the re-design implementers on Drupal.org SEO techniques. All interested members of the Drupal community are welcome to register and attend the webinar.

We received word that people were unable to log into this webinar. We have recorded the webinar and will be posting it shortly for feedback

Drupal.org re-design implementers recruited

We have now recruited 12 different Drupal consulting shops to help implement the redesign. One of the big challenges in implementing the redesign, is understanding what are the implications for Search Engine Optimization.

Drupal.org lost it's Pagerank of 9

In September 2007, we launched copies of Drupal.org to help with the upgrade to Drupal 6 and our re-design efforts. The infrastructure team was contacted by members of the Drupal community who expressed concerns that these extra copies of Drupal.org were accessible by search engines. Soon after we were contacted Drupal.org's Google page rank was reduced from 9 to 8.
Drupal.org was now the only major open source content management system with a page rank of 8 or lower. Wordpress, Joomla, and Plone all kept their page rank of 9 during this period. Earlier this month, Drupal.org's page rank was increased from 8 to 9. The calculation of page rank is not fully understood outside Google, and the implications of a reduction of pagerank aren't necessarily damaging to the Drupal project. To help the implementers understand the SEO implications of the changes to Drupal.org we sought out help with Search Engine Optimization with Drupal.org.

Working with SEO experts

Over the last few months I've been meeting regularly with the Drupal search engine optimization experts from Volacci. We've done keyword research, analysis of drupal.org for SEO, SEO analysis of the redesign prototypes, and developed some social media strategies for the Drupal community to help with Search Engine Marketing. If you would like to learn what we've discovered and understand how you can help with the redesign please join us at the webinar.



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