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Drupal Gardens preview screencast

Last week at DrupalCon Paris, we demonstrated a pre-alpha version of Drupal Gardens, which will allow non-technical users to go from design to online with a powerful Drupal 7 social publishing website in a matter of hours instead of days. The Acquia engineering team has been hard at work implementing Gardens on top of Drupal 7 and we wanted to show a small taste of things to come. For those who didn't get to see the demonstration at Drupalcon, or want to see it again, I recorded this 11 minute screencast where I theme and style a fictional vineyard web site using the Drupal Gardens ThemeBuilder.

Interested in trying Drupal Gardens? Sign up at http://drupalgardens.com and we'll keep you informed of Drupal Gardens news and updates.


Posted on by tgeller (not verified).

Very impressive. I especially look forward to hearing about your reseller program (if any).

Tom Geller * San Francisco * http://www.tomgeller.com
http://www.gellerguides.com * http://www.inoberlin.com

Posted on by Chris Brookins.

We certainly plan on having a Gardens partner program.

- Chris

Posted on by mscappa (not verified).

i feel it needs more niche appeal. which probably is an oxymoron with the "gardens" concept, but you either have "me" a developer who will start with core, or a "web associate/marketing" person who may not know how to leverage drupal to their site's advantage.

Posted on by Linea Rowe.

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your feedback. Before we started building Gardens we talked a lot about who most needed a product like this. We concluded that the people who will benefit most from Drupal Gardens are people building small business/organization sites. This includes both developers and also site owners (web associate/marketing person, as you mentioned). This proved to be true when we showed Gardens at Drupalcon last week. We had a ton of interest from developers, designers, and also from site owners, like marketing people.

However, your point is a good one in that we need to make sure we're giving both developers and site owners the features they need. So let us know if there are specific features that you would want to see. thanks

Posted on by dodo (not verified).

Wow! I really like what I see.
Will it be possible to install extra modules?

Posted on by Chris Brookins.

After you export your site from Gardens and host it on your own (or with Acquia Hosting), it will be possible to install extra Drupal modules. However, at least initially while the site is hosted in Gardens, you will only be able to use the Drupal modules available to all Gardens users. We of course will regularly be adding modules to Gardens based on popular demand. Gardens is a service where you will be able to do quite a bit right away, and we expect many folks to stay in Gardens - but to leverage any of the thousands of Drupal modules available for download on http://drupal.org, you will need to 1st export your site from Gardens.

Posted on by adrianmak (not verified).

Is it a new drupal hosting service provided by Acaquia or few extra modules open for public for the up coming D7 ?

Posted on by Chris Brookins.

Sorry Adrian, I am not sure I follow your question. Can you rephrase your question, or better yet, indicate what you hope to do?

Posted on by mattman (not verified).


Should you guys be in the "we're considering that" mode. It would be nice if you guys offered a white label service to other companies. While building out a service, which does the cool things you show is certainly possible for an adept team, it makes a lot more sense to leverage what you've created and the infrastructure you've got behind it.

After all, we are at the cross roads of living in the cloud. :) Why build it when someone else already has? You retain your strategic advantage with the 'builder' code you've invested in. The only thing lacking is either install profile support (or features support) along with the ability to have other modules installed.


Matt Petrowsky

Posted on by Chris Brookins.

Thanks Matt, we agree that is a great idea, one we have heard echoed from others too. In our planning we certainly are considering the possibility of a white label for a future release.

- Chris

Posted on by joshgel (not verified).

I would like to echo Chris on this. It would be awesome to be able to offer gardens "profiles" to our clients. (Even if there were a re-sellers or licensing type program for a fee.)

Posted on by acasalena (not verified).


Are you embarrassed at all to have so plainly copied Squaresapce, tacking on what appears to be little to no real innovation?

You've literally copied our menu alignment, animations, ui controls, color schemes, wording, and demo format.

Congratulations, you've redefined "me too" business.

Posted on by Chris Brookins.

Squarespace is a great site. Drupal Gardens differentiates itself by building on top of the open source Drupal platform instead of the proprietary Squarespace platform. There are endless other differences between the approaches (after all Drupal has been built by a community over many years and Gardens is only a small layer on top of it) but of course there inevitably will be similarities in end-user theming since both are united by what CSS can and cannot do. Best practices on styling web pages have evolved over the years and many products such as Dreamweaver, Artisteer, Flash and others share a styling bar - it is hardly a unique user interface, but rather a familiar pattern. Even the colors and the top navigation are those of Drupal 7 core, developed by the community not Acquia, and not specific to Gardens at all.

Posted on by qbnflaco (not verified).

Would the themeing portion be available as a standalone module later on? Are full modules going to be allowed to be uploaded to gardens? It would be great to add in our own client-maleable themes, like in the preview.

Posted on by Chris Brookins.

We haven't decided on whether eventually the theming portion will be made a stand-alone module yet. For the foreseeable future we plan on keeping the theming portion in the Drupal Gardens service. However as Gardens matures it may make more sense to have it available as as a separate module.

Posted on by SeanBannister (not verified).

I totally respect that Acquia is a business and needs to think about the bottom line. In saying that I believe the ability to easily theme Drupal is exactly what we need to take Drupal to the next level. At some point in time every CMS aims to make theming easier and in the near future this is something Drupal will need in core or contrib to compete with other CMSs.

Seeing this sooner than later would give a lot of people a great reason to start using Drupal or make the switch to Drupal. And of course this benefits the whole community, not just Acquia.

I think it'd be a shame to see Drupal Gardens theming ability stay locked away only to have another developer try to replicate it in Contrib at a later date and have other CMSs include the same functionality when Drupal could be first to the mark.

Great work though, I'm absolutely amazed at this. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it evolves and develops.

Posted on by infodrupal (not verified).

I've been watching the video and i think it's a great project.

The way you create the site name and the url its very nice. Have you created some modules to do this? and Are these modules going to be public ? I'm very interested in this way of creating new subdomains.

Posted on by helloari (not verified).

It works well for WordPress and I'm sure a hosted solution will work well in growing the Drupal community also. I prefer the simplicity of WordPress unless there is a justification for the features of Drupal. But this could give me an excuse to use Drupal for simple sites also. I look forward to seeing how you deal with the limits of the WYSIWYG editor.

Posted on by decibel.places (not verified).

the audio on this video is really low - even with the player and computer volumes on full I can barely hear the narration