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Drupalcon Love

The last three months working on Drupalcon Boston 2008 have been an incredible experience for me. I've been able to give back to an amazing community that has giving so much to me professionally and personally. It's been an honor and a privilege to work with so many passionate, smart, and generous people. Before I take off for an exciting adventure vacation, I thought I'd share my favorite quotes from Planet Drupal about Drupalcon Boston 2008.

"I think it's such an exciting time in which there can be a 900 person conference dedicated to a single piece of open source software. Drupal is a fantastic piece of work and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow and flourish." John Resig, creator of JQuery

“Lets celebrate an awesome DrupalCon by sharing the great things we all learned about the future of Drupal with everyone in DC that could not make it! ” - Eric Gunderson Development seed blog

“This year’s Drupalcon was the biggest Drupal Party to date with over 800 attendees and many different sponsors (including Chapter Three of course). Drupal rocked Boston all week and gave everyone in the community a chance to catch up and keep abreast of some of the cool new stuff going on in the Drupal World. Plus, there was some scrumpcious and tasty vegetarian food on the scene.” - Matt Cheney’s Chapter Three blog

“I am way behind in blogging about DrupalCon Boston 2008, which was truly a blast. It was the biggest and best organized Drupal conference so far, and was put together in record time.” - Gabor’s blog

“I had a great time and want to offer my congrats to the organizing team for a solid event!”
“Otherwise, it was really great to see all the old faces and meet some new ones. For anyone who missed it, the Acquia party was a blast (Orbit rocks!). Looking forward to the next!”
James Walkah’s blog

“Drupalcon rocks! I’ve been in such an intense pace - meeting people, brainstorming collaborations and making friends. It’s so fun to enter this community instead of peeking in to it from outside. This all comes down to people meeting people one to one (or one to many :) ).”
Lior’s Drupal.fm blog

“Now that the gluttony of last week’s DrupalCon in Boston is starting to settle down I realized that I hadn’t gotten around to posting the slides from my presentation on Contributing to Drupal: A guide for everyone.”— Addi Berry’s Lullabot blog

“While we were all off having a good time at DrupalCON, there was a Knight Digital Media Center conference going on at the University of Southern California.” — Ken Rickard’s blog

“Well, that week just flew by. This is the most time I’ve spent in front of my computer all week.”
“Big thanks to the following folks for hospitality, logistics, and generally making it a great week: Kieran Lal, Jeff Whatcott, Robert Douglas and Jay Batson from Acquia; Gary, Jose, Al, and Robertson from the Knight Foundation; Leslie Hawthorne — the source of all good Summer of Code things; Moshe, Jamie and the rest of the local volunteers; Matt Cheney and Neil Drumm; Tobby, Jonathan and Nik (MDW); Morten, the King of Denmark; D Mak; Christefano and Lee; Cary and the rest of the hockey posse; the Lucky’s Lounge mob; Mike Meyers; Eric Gunderson, Alex Barth and the absent Bonnie Bogle from Development Seed; Pierre from the World Bank (I don’t hate the bank); Lisa Williams and Ben Melançon; and, of course, the all-powerful Sooz.”
Ken Rickard’s blog

“At DrupalCon Boston, Acquia sponsored a launch party at the Felt club in Boston. Jeff Robbins from Lullabot performed live with its former rock band Orbit, and Acquia’s Jay Batson took the crowd deep into the night with progressive house and trance music. Great parteeh!” —Dries’s blog

“Back now from DrupalCon, I’m parsing all that happened last week in Boston. For me it was a whirlwind, interrupted by a plethora of hassles….All that negative energy converging on me was more than offset by the positive vibe at the four day conference. The kindness of the cabbie who drove crosstown to return my phone helped too.”
“There was a lot of support for the next DrupalCon to be held in Hungary this fall. It will be hard to top the Boston event, but I know this community will do their best to have the best one yet.”
Drupalcon goes BIG, Scott Mattoon’s Sun blog

“And so ends another DrupalCon. Awesome! (Well, not awesome that it ended, but you know what I mean.) I’m stoked for Drupal’s next conquest of the Web, and there seems to be a clear direction for how to make it happen. At least, I think there is. While some parts of the conference ended up being a bit rough, mostly due to its late organization, it was in the end a success, and I’m looking forward to the next few thousand lines of code we can write, and throw away in refactoring.
Until next time, in Europe… Happy coding!”
Larry Garfield’s Blog

“Once again, DrupalCon this year was no disappointment.”
Personal Post-Drupalcon Agenda, Nate Haug’s blog

“Wow, what a week. Lots of people, lots of ideas and even some good work done to boot.”
“Honestly the highlight of the Con for me was the sprint on Friday. Finally a good opportunity to sit down with people and get some work done! I had added some info about a docs sprint to run with the code sprint hoping to get some folks to help with a mountain of docs work and I was pretty damned excited at the turn out for that and the amount of work we got done.”
Drupalcon Boston Redux, Addi Berry’s blog

“So the session is over, and I think it went well. Neil Drumm and Matt Cheney showed me that I’m a little behind, actually. They’ve been doing more active work on data import. Kieran was smart to put us all together, and the panel was stronger than an individual presentation.”
Using Drupal with External Data Sources, Ken Rickard’s blog

“On the last hours of the coding sprint following the amazing Drupal conference, I accosted Steven Peck and asked in person about (one of my many) pet issues: that documentation (or any non-spam node) not be deleted from Drupal.org.” — Save the Nodes: preserving old d.o docs by flagging it as deprecated, Benjamin Melançon’s Agaric Design Blog

“While at the Drupalcon in Boston I began talking to Kieran and others about my desire to actively participate in making core the best it can be.”
Picasa and Auto Assign Role vs Automated Unit Testing for Core, Kevin Bridge’s blog

“While at the Drupalcon in Boston I began talking to Kieran and others about my desire to actively participate in making core the best it can be.”
“Also a big shout out to Jamie Meredith of tmg studio who helped coordinate the video-taping of the sessions @ DrupalCon! Thanks Jamie! You’ll have to let us know where to find all of them!”
DrupaLMAO’s Upcoming Coverage of Drupalcon 2008, DrupaLMAO vcast

“I’d like to send a thank you to all who were involved with this year’s Drupalcon. It was the first Drupalcon I have attended, and will most definitely not be the last.
The sessions were amazing and I learned a lot at every one I attended. The birds of a feather talks were very productive and fun. The thing I liked most out of the whole conference though, was meeting everyone. I had an amazing time, and can’t wait for the next one.\
Thanks a lot, Drupalcon, and I’m looking forward to meeting you again.”
Thank You, Drupalcon

“Well, I’m sitting back at home in Louisville, KY trying to gather my thoughts and recover from a crazy, awesome week in Boston.”
“As I chat with the people who stayed behind, I find it hard to describe what the event was like. There are so many things to be said, but I keep coming back to describing the excitement and energy that exists in the Drupal community.”
“Many thanks again to the sponsors, organizers, and volunteers who made our week in Boston not only possible but an incredibly fun and productive time.”
“My recurring illustration is that I feel a bit like Pecos Bill as he stares down a tornado but somehow manages to lasso it and ride it like a bronco… quite a bumpy ride, I’m sure, but he was able to harness and direct a tremendous amount of energy. ….Drupalcon has shown me the tornado, and I’m getting ready for the ride.”
Ubercart at Drupalcon a Winning Combination, Ryan’s blog

“Well, Drupalcon Boston 2008 is now over. I had a blast, enjoying my time there immensely. There were some fantastic sessions that provided great motivation for me. As I declared a few posts ago, I would like to focus this blog on helping the newcomer to Drupal.” — Who woulda thought?"> Jacob M. Roufa’s blog

“Today we could sleep a bit longer than the previous days, as the Code Sprint only started around 10AM. The sprint was at the Stata Center of the MIT, a nice piece of modern architecture, with a lot of non straight walls, weird windows and interwoven spaces. When we arrived, there were Drupalians sitting everywhere hacking Drupal on their laptops.”
Drupalcon Code sprint

“I don’t want to sound too bombastic, or take more credit than is due. But I’m proud of what our team at Acquia did to help make Boston 2008 Drupalcon a fantastic event.”
Modest pride, Jay Batson’s Blog

“Drupalcon was truly great. I want to personally thank the Acquia team for all they did to make this Drupalcon (my first Drupalcon) a fantastic experience. I’ve hit a number of conventions and this one was very smoothly executed for the average attendee. I hope it was a smooth on the admin side as it was on the attendee side.
Hope to see everyone at Drupalcon Europe! I seriously looking forward to it!”
Eclipsecg aka Kris Vanderwater

“Nothing wrong with a little modest pride… you have a LOT to be proud of! I must admit we (Tree House) were hesitant to sponsor Boston Drupalcon, after a disappointing sponsorship of Barcelona. I voiced my concerns to Robert Douglass and he patiently listened to my rant, and then assured me that Boston would address all of these concerns. While I was skeptical, I decided to have a little faith… boy did you deliver! This event was well organized, professionally run and simply a joy to attend. In speaking with Kieran throughout the process it was apparent that he was working his butt off. Before I would sign off at night - I’d notice he was still online, and when I signed on in the morning - there he was again! Not sure he slept much - but his effort was certainly worth it.

Thanks to Acquia, the session track leaders, the presenters and all who attended for an amazing Drupalcon”

“I had extremely high expectations for the week, and the conference still managed to exceed them. The power of bringing people together under one roof never ceases to amaze me, espescially when those people are used to collaborating online. I can’t even begin to imagine what amazing new innovations and directions will emerge as a result of the last four days.”
Drupalcon Boston 2008 Wrap Up

“Making a quick pit-stop to post some [ed. Drupalcon] photos. These highly amateur photos can hardly deliver the excitement and the fire of this highly energized gathering, but - bare with us :)”
First Photos Are In, drupalconlive.com

“By “this” I mean Drupal of course. I also mean Open Source, a tech conference, or this large of a gathering of geeks. Take your pick, but don’t take offense at my name calling. I say that with the highest praise I could backwardly compliment someone. I am astounded by the friendliness of the community and willingness to help people and gifted with the opportunity to attend something like this.”

“After the sessions I went to a couple social events and got to network a bit. Further proof that Drupal people are freakin’ awesome. My hat is off to you, the people of the Drupal community. Ok. Really. Enough about the conference now. It’s wonderful and enjoyable and maybe could be better. Overall a great experience. Sorry people, but I had to get it out. :)”
Jacob Roufa, Living the Drupalcon Experience

“This is my first Drupalcon and I’ve been really looking forward to it for months. So far, I’m mostly star struck. There are a lot of people I know of and recognize from the Drupal community, people I’ve chatted with on IRC, co-workers I’m meeting for the first time. It’s a bit overwhelming, but pretty fun. I haven’t gotten the courage to introduce myself to many people as yet, though.”
Drupalcon Boston - First Day, First Impressions, Brenda Boggs

“Finally, the day of the con arrived. While this con of 800 blows away any con we’ve previously had, it doesn’t actually seem as big as it might because we’re in a real convention center which is spacious…and there are other, larger cons going on next to us, so we lose a little bit of the size due to comparison. That said, seeing 16 rows of 48 chairs lined up for Dries’ keynote speech — pretty much all full — is pretty exciting.”
Drupalcon Boston 2008: Day 1 report

“Today, the first day, was pretty engaging and inspiring. I’m excited to see the roadmap for the future of Drupal, and I’m always on the lookout for knowledge that will benefit me both in the Drupal services that I provide as well as some cross-pollination of ideas between both web services and Mac desktop software, be they data storage, user interface, industry trends, or any number of other issues.”
Come say hi at Drupalcon Boston!, Code Socerey Workshop

“We kicked off our largest Drupal conference ever – more than 800 Drupal enthusiasts from all over of the world are getting together in Boston for one week to brainstorm, to share and to work on Drupal. DrupalCon Boston sold out six days in advance. It is twice the size of DrupalCon Barcelona, held just 6 months ago. It has been a blast so far.”
Great Day for Drupal, Dries’s Acquia blog

“I’m in Boston for the 2008 edition of the Drupal lovefest (U.S. edition), and holy cow what a difference a year makes. I arrived just as Dries was taking the stage for his State of the Drupal keynote, and I was amazed at the size of the crowd. I knew that the conference had sold out (800 attendees), but I was shocked at the sheer visual spectacle of the size of the crowd compared to the 2007 Drupalcon in Sunnyvale, CA. Jusy about everything about Drupalcon Boston is big; the crowd, the venue, the session rooms. The only thing that isn’t big: the food court at the convention center. Yikes.”
Drupalcon Boston: Day 1, Kieran Lal

“I guess I don’t have to repeat that Drupalcon Boston 2008 attracted 800 drupalians. So eventhough the room for Dries keynote this morning was huge, it was packed.”
Dries’ keynote, Stefaan’s Krimson blog

“Well, Drupal’s visibility is surely rising. I bought a jQuery book for reading on the long flight home once Boston DrupalCon, 2008 is over (yes, I will blog about it later)….Three cheers for Drupal and for the start of another great DrupalCon.”
Jquery in action a drupal reference, Tech Wanderings of Greg Holsclaw

“It’s freezing cold in Boston (and on our first night it was even snowing), but it is so hot here! All these Drupal people hanging out together, giving mind-blowing presentations and talking and networking.
Stefaan, who came along with us, promised to keep the homefront up to date about DrupalCon… (so we can focus more on hanging out at the bar… errr… working very hard and doing drupal stuff :-))”
Freezing boston is hot !, Krimson blog

“Personally, I thought the session was excellent and a good way to kick off the conference. It is always healthy to look at what works and what doesn’t work. All too often, one can become blind to issue that cause others pause because one becomes accustomed to odd work flows. Thanks to all who made the testing happen.”
Usability Testing and Drupal 6

“Was a fun evening and really enjoyed having a chance talk with your team.”
Mike Gifford commenting about After Drupalcon: Nonprofit, Intranet, and News Happy Hours

“Good Morning, Boston! We’re just an hour away from getting this thing rolling - it’s gonna be a crazy week. ”
Drupalcon Boston 2008: Let’s Rock This


Posted on by Benjamin Melançon (not verified).

A shout out to everyone who took good notes and shared them, in particular Kent Bye who posted amazingly comprehensive session notes to the Lullablog seemingly instantly. This really helped make up for the tendency to want to attend three out of four sessions each time. I was able to discuss sessions with people who'd been almost as if I'd been myself... once with Kent before realizing it was his notes I'd read.