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ApacheSolr search presentation from Do it With Drupal

Last week Acquia sent me to New Orleans to be a speaker at Lullabot's Do it With Drupal conference. The conference went very well and I gave a presentation about ApacheSolr, and how faceted search will change the way you think about finding things on your site. Since Acquia recently announced that we will be launching a hosted Solr search service even more people have shown interest in ApacheSolr. My next talks on ApacheSolr will be at DrupalCamp Cologne in January, and DrupalCon in March. Here are the slides from New Orleans:

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Posted on by Mikkel HÌügh.

I can barely wait to play with the hosted Solr stuff – faceted search is nice beyond description :)

Posted on by peach (not verified).

looks very nice, I wonder if the price for the lowest-end package will be suitable for my personal projects.

Posted on by kerberos (not verified).

This was one of the best presentations at DIWD. I cannot wait to begin using this. I think Acquia's hosted Solr solution is going to be a great added value to the Acquia subscription!

-Daniel Chvatik
Adulmec LLC

Posted on by Moshe Weitzman.

This is a terrific package of features. Please excuse my desire to harp on one curious point ...

You mention several times that the limiting factor in the speed of core search results for core is node_load(). That implies that finding and sorting the relevant results is not the slowdown, but rather presenting the results page? If node_load() were really the problem, then your suggestion to use Views along with a tabular layout of results should be very fast. That does not involve a node_load() anywhere that I can think of. Or is there a node_load somewhere else?

There is surely a node_load() during indexing but thats not pertinent here.

Posted on by Robert Douglass.

Your point about tabular views is correct. My speed comparisons to Google are all unfair, in reality, since Google's speed comes from a combination of specialized, single-purpose software, and massive investment in hardware and infrastructure.

Robert Douglass
Senior Drupal Advisor, Acquia