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Redesigning the Acquia Home page

In an attempt to respond to you - our most valued customer - we're revising our home page. In our current state, we've heard you say through our usability sessions "the page has too much text," and we've seen you have trouble finding important links like "Download Acquia Drupal." In addition, we think we can do better at making our value proposition more clear.

Our home page is so important to us. Through it, you can download Drupal bundled with several highly rated/used modules. We've tried to help eliminate the burden for new users to figure out which modules to start with. The home page is also the gateway to the Acquia Network were you can receive Drupal technical support, usage statistics, and visibility into the health of your Drupal sites.

We have high hopes for the redesign of this page (shown below). I'm interested in knowing if this design appeals to you and why. What is our value proposition? Are we being clear?


Posted on by tribeza (not verified).

Jeff...I think the new buttons are helpful, but redundant to the banner right above it. I think the buttons could be a replacement for the banner...the additional real estate could be used for access to other key areas of the website such as the forums, etc.

If you went with just the buttons (and therefore you lost the animation of the banner), I think the scrolling bar you've taken out could be brought back to add some dynamics to the front page.

Posted on by Dries Buytaert.

I can see why you think the banner is redundant: the mock-up shows two prominent download buttons very close to each other. I think the banner at the top has its purpose but we should consider refreshing the message(s) on the banner so there is less overlap.

Do you think the mock-up communicates our value proposition well?

Posted on by tribeza (not verified).

I just stumbled across you guys for the first time a few days ago (after being away from Drupal for about 4 months). It actually took me quite a bit of searching around on your website to figure out what exactly your value proposition is because:

1. confusion over what you guys are charging for (since Drupal doesn't cost anything to download)
2. confusion between the Acquia Drupal package and Acquia Network...it seemed unclear whether one or the other was a product or service or both.

Now, I get it (mostly). But initially, it was unclear to me the benefit of Acquia to me. I think the new interface moves towards clearing that up, but it could use further refinement. One of the main things causing that confusion is the fact that you have (in the redesign) at least 5 different items branded with the Acquia name:

1. the website itself
2. AcquiaDrupal
3. AcquiaNetwork
4. AcquiaEvents
5. AcquiaTV

There is really no hierarchy to all of these offerings. My guess is that AcquiaNetwork is the most important thing you'd want the site visitor to focus on. That is, you represent a network through which implementation of Drupal becomes a lot easier(?), faster(?), cheaper(?), all of the above(?), etc.

The other components really represent the parts of the network. That is, once you tap into the network, the AcquiaNetwork offers you:

1. a robust Drupal package with many add-on modules pre-installed
2. access to Drupal knowledge and information through forums, screencasts, and an expert team
3. access to a development team that can help address whatever issues may come up
4. etc.

IMO, you would focus the homepage more on AcquiaNetwork and graphically show how the other parts of the Network connect back. I think if you could bring a better hierarchy, the homepage would be much more attractive.

Hope that helps.

Posted on by kbals (not verified).

I know that Drupal is great. And I assume nearly all of the visitors of your site will know Drupal is great.

When looking at your current site as well as the redesign, I am wondering why I would choose for Acquia Drupal as opposed to regular Drupal. What are the differences and benefits?

Looking at the redesign, there seem to be many things I need when building a Drupal site. For example, I need to download it, I need to access support and services, I need to learn what drupal does.

But when I look at the drupal.org site, I seem to have access to the same things: Download, documentation, support, forum, paid services. So assuming that the drupal.org site is all free, why would I want to use Acquia for these things?

I believe that you should explain why Acquia Drupal is better than regular Drupal. And I understand this is a tricky thing, because you don't want to say that regular Drupal sucks at things that Acquia Drupal does better. (Just one example: Surely I want to 'Access expertise, support and services to run trouble-free Drupal sites'. Do you claim that I can't run a trouble-free Drupal site without Acquia Drupal?) You don't want to loose the good relationship with the Drupal community. It's a balance thing.

Customer succes stories and quotes that explain clear benefits and cost savings should be placed on the home page to clear out these differences.

I do not know the answer myself. I haven't played with Acquia Drupal yet. And most people won't play with Acquia Drupal unless they see clearly why they should invest time.