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I work for Acquia, allow me to introduce myself

I'm still a little surprised to tell people that I work for Acquia. My fascination with Drupal started in late 2007 and quickly turned into an addiction. While building my first large project, I spent countless hours on drupal.org meeting cool people and getting advice from the Drupal community. Then in February, I found out about Acquia and kept a close eye on them as they filled up their roster with some amazing talent. At the time, I was living in Boulder, Colorado, hard at work on VeloNews.com. Acquia seemed like a dream job, but it also seemed to be a world away.

Fast forward to October. After a lot of consideration, an application and a series of phone interviews, I found myself traveling to Andover, Massachusetts for a face to face interview. Before I left, I was warned that there wouldn't be anyone at the front desk to greet me, and that I should call upon arrival. When I reached the office, before I was even able to dial the number, Dries himself walked out of a conference room to see if I needed help. This is a great example of what Acquia is all about. Much like the Drupal community, everybody from the top down is nothing but friendly and eager to help.

Needless to say, I passed the test and hit the ground running. A very short three weeks after accepting the job, I was in a car with my fiancée, our two cats and our bunny heading to Massachusetts.

With so much interest in Acquia, I've already been quite busy helping customers to plan and scope their migrations to Drupal. My job with the professional services team as Senior Technical Consultant will find me helping a lot of people work out the technical details when migrating to Drupal. I will also be traveling on-site to help clients learn more about Drupal with our JumpStart program. It's going to be an exciting ride, but for now it's an honor just to be part of such a great group of people.


Posted on by nadavoid (not verified).

Congratulations Kevin! I love to hear stories like yours. Sounds like a fantastic job AND a lot of work!

Posted on by jebeaudoin (not verified).

Hey Kevin, congrats on the new gig. We corresponded last February when I (a faithful VN reader) asked about the new VeloNews site and you told me it was built on Drupal. Our B2B publishing company has since begun a migration to Drupal for our major sites. I've been messing around with the Acquia version with an eye towards developing some smaller sites and love it so far.

Posted on by Kevin Hankens.

@Jack - Thanks! That's awesome that VN inspired you to migrate to Drupal :) It's weird to say, but since joining Acquia I'm back to just being a faithful VeloNews reader (instead of being the webmaster). Great group of people at VN, but now I get to spread my wings and help even more people migrate to Drupal!

All the best,


Posted on by Dries Buytaert.

Welcome to the team, Kevin. :)

Posted on by Jay Batson.

I'm not only glad to have a talent like you on board, I'm jazzed to another serious cyclist in the house. :-) My only worry? Will velonews.com stay the great site that it is (and that I depend on for my pro cycling fix)!??!

Welcome aboard, Kevin.